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Dongducheon Tteokgalbi


Dongducheon Tteokgalbi
Galbi Passed on from One Generation to the Next



Dongducheon Tteokgalbi

The history of Dongducheon tteokgalbi originates from a young lady who was born in Jeonju, but relocated to Dongducheon after her marriage in the aftermath of the Korean War. Simply put, tteokgalbi (grilled ground beef rib meat patties), a traditional Jeonju food enjoyed for over 650 years, got married to Dongducheon.

The lady, in turn, developed her own method that transformed the traditional tteokgalbi into Gyeonggi-do’s unique taste.


Major Restaurants

  • Songwolgwan | Dongducheon-si Saengyeon-dong 683-16
  • Yejiwon | Dongducheon-si Saengyeon-dong 30-6