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Idong Galbi


Idong Galbi
A Mother’s Love for Her Son



Yongin Baekam Sundaeguk and Modeum-sundae


Galbi (beef short ribs) in Idong-myeon, Pocheon, is wildly popular among travelers to Sanjeong Lake, Baekun Valley, and Gukmangbong Peak as well as visitors to military servicemen. In the past, though, most visitors to Pocheon were family members or friends who wanted to meet those serving in the military. It was commonly assumed that military servicemen were subject to scarce food and hardships.

The first place that families and their military-serving sons went to was a dwaeji-galbi (pork spareribs) restaurant near the military base. Pocheon Idong galbi, initially popular among climbers to the mountains in Pocheon in the 1980s, became famous in Seoul.

Marinated with fruits along with sweet seasoning and oak charcoal, the dish captivated travelers from Seoul. Dongchimi (chilled water radish) and makgeolli (a Korean milky alcoholic rice drink), initially served with the dish to prevent an upset stomach, led to the flavorful balance of chilled dongchimi and sweet makgeolli that stimulate digestion of diners as they eat galbi.


Major Restaurant

  • Idong Gungjeon Galbi | Pocheon-si Idong-myeon Dopyeong-ri 262
  • Pungcha Galbi | Pocheon-si Idong-myeon Dopyeong-ri 323-4
  • Idong Dongwon Galbi | Pocheon-si Idong-myeon Yeongok-ri 733
  • Myeongjiwon | Pocheon-si Ildong-myeon Hwadae-ri 367-5