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Ansan Bajirak-kalguksu


Ansan Bajirak-kalguksu
Taste of Abundance and Sharing



Ansan Bajirak-kalguksu


Bajirak-kalguksu (hand-rolled clam noodles) on Daebudo Island (in Ansan) is known for being served in a generous amount. Prepared in a large bowl, the dish can handle multiple servings. Each diner scoops her own serving amount out of the bowl.

This sort of dining is believed to have originated on the island. The dish is prepared with freshly-opened clams, sun-dried salt, and hand-rolled noodles in a large bowl. Diners eat together while enjoying the smell of simmering noodles. The dish has led to Kalguksu Culture in which diners eat and share the abundant, delicious dish and soup.


Major Restaurants

  • Daebudo Bangameori Food Culture Street | Ansan-si Danwon-gu Daebubuk-dong 1847