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Gwangju Someori-gukbap


Gwangju Someori-gukbap
Taste Born from a Wife’s Love for Her Husband



Gwangju Someori-gukbap


A young lady was struggling with life, operating a street stall in Gonjiam in the mid-1970s. She tried many methods to boil ox head for her oft-sick husband.

In the process, she came up with someori-gukbap (rice in ox head soup) that impressed her customers, and, in turn, many customers asked for the secret recipe of the soup. In the end, the reputation of Gwangju someori-gukbap spread across the country.

The first step of preparing for the soup requires making meat stock by boiling water combined with ox head. The simple taste of the meat stock is then combined with five-year-old ginseng, radishes, and glutinous rice flour and boiled until the glutinous rice becomes untangled, producing a whitish color and rich flavor. The soup is served with soft-textured suyuk (boiled, sliced meat) along with baechu-kimchi (cabbage kimchi), and kkakdugi (diced radish kimchi). Customers often enjoy the soup and side dishes with alcoholic drinks. After all, a wife’s love for her husband simply transformed the village.

Major Restaurant

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