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Yaksu Sikdang


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    1613, Yeonsin-ro, Sinseo-myeon, Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do

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Tofu is made every morning using traditional method with Yeoncheon beans which are said to be the best bean presented to the kings from long times ago. So tofu reminds the dishes made by mothers at home. Soy sauce, soybean paste and chili pepper paste as well as tofu are made in this restaurant. A variety of side dishes including edible greens are local specialties collected from the hills of high mountains. Barley rice mixed with handmade tofu and Doenjangjjigae(soybean paste stew) makes customers feel the spirit of Yeoncheon. Thick Nokdujeon(mung bean pancake) made with mung bean ground in the restaurant delivers real taste. Price Information (Won) Sundubu+Boribap: 7,000 Modubu: 7,000 Nokdu Jeon: 12,000