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Seolak Chueotang


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    369, Nambu-daero, Osan-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Mudfish is ground and boiled with the dried outer leaves of cabbages and soybean paste. Chives, chili pepper, Chinese pepper and perilla seeds are added. A unique flavor can be tasted by dipping noodles in the stew before eating. Chueo Sukhoe is also a delicacy. It is made with mudfish, a variety of vegetables and mushrooms and tofu in a meat broth. Chueo Tukim (fried mudfish) is favored by people of all ages as an appetizer before a stew or Sukhoe. Price Information (Won) Chueotang: 7,000 Chueo Sukhoi: Large-35,000 / Small-25,000 Chueo Twigim: Large-10,000 / Small-7,000