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Bongjin Makguksu


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    24, Cheonseori-gil, Daesin-myeon, Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do

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    10:00~20:30 (Time shortening in winter)

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The owner has said that the secret of the restaurant's 34 years of success is the devotion passed down from his father. Meat broth boiled for a long time with ox bones, flank and dried pollack is both savory and refreshing because of the unique flavor added by dried pollack and chili pepper. Bongjin Makguksu started in a small hut in Cheonseo-ri, Yeoju and now flourishes thanks to the widely recognized taste of its Makguksu (noodle). Price Information (Won) Mul/Bibim Makguksu: 7,000 Onmyeon Makguksu: 7,000 Pyeonyuk (Domestic): 15,000 Sari: 3,000