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Gyeongmajang Orijip


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    20-4, Gungmal-ro,Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Gyeongmajang Orijip specializes in duck dishes that include sulfur duck grilled in mud, smoked duck, duck stew and duck casserole. Both side dishes and main dish duck are delicious. Cool and crispy Baek Kimchi, Dongchimi (watery radish Kimchi), Got Kimchi (mustard leaves and stems), Baechu Kimchi and Pickled Onion and Chili Pepper are the best contributors enhancing the taste of duck. The restaurant has rooms for small meetings including for families and women's groups and larger rooms with more than 50 seats. Price Information (Won) Yuhwang Ori Jinheuk Gui (Domestic): 60,000 Ori Hanbang Baeksuk (Domestic): 62,000 Ori Jeongol (Domestic): 60,000