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Yugawon Seolneongtang


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    51-9, Jageundarak-gil, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Yugawon serves savory, simple Seolongtang by boiling ox bones for more than 24 hours. Yugawon is very famous among people of all ages. Yugatang enhances nutrition by adding together meat, jujube and ginseng in Doganitang (knuckle bone soup) and is the special menu item of Yugawon. Meats and knuckles served on a flat stone are dipped in a sauce made with chives, onions, chili peppers, mustard and soy sauce. The soft texture of the meat and savory taste of soy sauce creates a fantastic taste. Price Information (Won) Seolleongtang (Imported): 7,500 Yugatang (Imported): 11,000 Doganitang (Imported): 13,000