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Korean Folk Village and Everland Resort in YongIn


 *** Korean Folk Village and Everland Resort in YongIn ***

Posted by Sethpani Amanda Herath

1. Korean Folk Village


Korean Traditional Folk Village of Yonging, Gyeonggi-do province preserves the traditional village life-style of late Joseon period. Here you can see various types of village houses built according to the different styles practiced by different areas of old Korea. When you enter the folk village through the hay-covered entrance door, the feeling changes instantly as if you have traveled back in time. Every thing becomes calm and quite, highlighting how calm and peaceful the by-gone days. While meandering along the village paths you can see traditional shops, and small home-gardens....

2. Everland Resort 


Everland Resort of Yongin, Gyeonggi-do province is the largest amusement park in South Korea. It has a ground theme park (Everland) , a water sports park (Caribbean Bay), and a Cabin Lodge resort (Home Bridge).  I got the chance to visit the ground theme park where you can enjoy a safari style zoo experience, and various roller coaster rides....

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