Hallyu Trips of Reporters

One Day Trip to Paju


*** One Day Trip to Paju ***

Posted by  Amanda Herath

1. Odu Mountain Unification Observatory


If you happen to be in South Korea and wonder about  life in North Korea, you should definitely visit one of the Observatories situated along the North-South boarder.

Out of these three observatories, I personally preferred the visit to Odu Mountain Unification Observatory, due to less security hassle and easy-to-travel shuttle bus system. I was also able to see human activities of North Korea more clearly from Odu Observatory. Odu Observatory offers a breath-taking view across the Imjin river and Han river. Apart from this scenic beauty this observatory houses a small museum showcasing the items used in North Korea.How to get there and other Travel Information can be found  here;

2. Provence Village


3. Heyri Art Valley


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