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Exploring Gyeonggi Province - Yeoncheon Trekking FAM Tour


***Exploring Gyeonggi Province - Yeoncheon Trekking FAM Tour***

posted by Williams Kyei

Trekking Tour experience has been added to my list of adventures, thanks to Gyeonggi Tourism Organization’s GG Supporters Program. On Friday 6th November, we embarked on a trip to Yeoncheon, one of the famous tourist destinations in the Gyeonggi Province for a Trekking tour.


Yeoncheon is located on North-East of the Korean peninsula and closer to the DMZ Border. With other students, we trekked a combined distance of 11km on the Yeoncheon Peace Nuri-gil and another camping site.

It was quite a beautiful scenery as we hiked on the trails to Sunguijeon Shrine. The autumn leaves were still falling, they had turned brownish yellow.

The next stop on our familiarization tour was a visit to the Herb Village. Led by a teacher, each one of us learned to make our own diffusers, with different kinds of preferred fragrance.

I really enjoyed the walk, the photos, new friends and took home the diffuser I made, which is still aromatizing my room.

The trekking course is recommended for anyone who loves hiking and short distance treks. Within 2 hours, you can travel from Seoul to Yeoncheon for such activities. You can try it in Summer also.

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