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    #199, Everland-ro, Pogok-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si

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Yongin Everland, the amusement park listed as one of the 4 major theme parks in the world, is the world of dream and fantasy. You could not visit Never Land where Peter Pan lives, but you might get your lost or forgotten childhood illusion back here. It is the symbol of amusement culture with 40 latest amenities, the only complex wild safari world in the world and speed way for car racing. Special festivals for each season are going on with unique theme, e.g., ‘Flower Carnival’ ‘Summer Splash’ ‘Happy Halloween’ ‘Christmas Holiday Fantasy’ etc. Diverse events are presented every day like magic show, dance performance, band performance or Halloween Road Party. Home Bridge, the family lodgement in the nature of theme park, provides comfortable staying.


Category Adult Teen Child
One day Free-ride Pass ₩48,000 ₩41,000 ₩38,000
Night(After 17:00)Free-ride Pass ₩40,000 ₩34,000 ₩31,000
Two-days ticket ₩77,000 ₩65,000 ₩61,000

T-Express Experience the steepest ride in the world with a top speed of 104km per hour and a 77-degree angle. The world's superb wooden roller coaster will leave you with unforgettable memories you can treasure forever.

Global Fair Combining the diverse architectural styles in the world, Global Fair is the site where you can experience architectural culture of each age and area from Mesopotamia to Renaissance style, and to modern and transitional style.

American Adventure This is the avenue of youth filled with strong beat music. The area borrows the history of America for 500 years ranging from the time when new continent was discovered by Columbus to the age of rock’n-roll in 1960s’ when Elvis Presley acted.

Magic Land As area where country in nursery tales is embodied, the Land has Aesop Village in theme of Aesop’s fable and amusement equipment for children. Especially, you can actually experience the Aesop’s fable by 5 senses with Fountain of Wisdom of Aesop, racing coaster based on the race of Hucky the jumping rabbit and Timmy the slow turtle in the Aesop Village.
_ Flying Rescue, Ball House, Racing Coaster, Lily Dance, Play Yard, Fable Garden, Aesop House and Hide Away

European Adventure The European village filled with scent for 365 days a year is reproduced in this area. There is ‘Four Seasons Garden’ full of blooming flowers all year round such as tulip, rose, chrysanthemum, etc. and ‘Rose Garden’ filled with romance, ‘Holland Village’ in the Dutch style and exciting attraction including T Express.

Lost Valley Lost Valley is a fantastic safari adventure. In the land of Mother Nature approximately 150 unique animal species roam freely. To join the expedition to explore the Lost Valley Safari Adventure, you should go aboard the world’s first specialized convertible amphibian vehicle that move from water to land. Lost Valley will offer an up-close and in-person opportunity to learn and experience how to coexist with animals.
_ Safari World, Friendly Monkey Valley, Amazon Express, Animal Wonder World and Bird Paradise

Caribbean Bay One of the best indoor complex water parks in the world, the Caribbean Bay is decorated in the concept of exotic mood in Spanish style that reproduces the Caribbean Sea of the 17th century. It presents all features of water park such as artificial wave in the height of 2.4m, wave pool where you can enjoy surfing, the longest pool of flowing water in the world, children’s pool and diverse slides. Why don’t you remove fatigue and stress by enjoying wave pool, sauna and spa indoors?
#199, Everland-ro, Pogok-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin
HOURS Weekdays 10:00~17:00 / Weekends 09:30~19:00
TEL +82-31-320-5000

Caribbean Bay ADMISSION
Category Adult Teen Child/Senior
One day ticket ₩44,000 ₩37,000 ₩34,000
Night ticket ₩36,000 ₩30,000 ₩27,000
Two-days ticket ₩70,000 ₩59,000 ₩54,000

* Child : 36 months ~ 12 years old / Teenager : 13 ~ 18 years old / Senior : 65 or more years old