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Beer Tasting at a Brewery Tour Amazing Brewing Company, Icheon
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Have you ever heard of a place where you can enjoy freshly brewed, house-made beer while drinking in the scenery of the verdant fields and mountains? Amazing Brewery Company in Icheon was first launched as a pub in Seongsu-dong with a notable lineup of house-made beer in 2016. Then, in 2019, a larger brewery was opened in Icheon to produce 8 types of beer: “Seongsu-dong (Pale Ale),” “First Love (New England IPA),” “Mill Ddang (Weizen),” “Amazing Lager (Pilsner),” “Shocking Stout (Stout),” “Amazing IPA (IPA),” “Seoul Forest (Pilsner),” and “Twilight (American Pale Ale).” You can have fun choosing whatever you want from these options with various aromas and flavors. Among these, “First Love (New England IPA)” was selected as the Best Craft Beer at the 2020 Korea Wine & Spirits Awards. “Seoul Forest (Pilsner)” and “Twilight (American Pale Ale)” are available at convenience stores as well.

What is truly amazing about Amazing Brewing Company is that you can join a tour to understand the entire process of brewing house-made beer from beginning to end. The tour begins with an overview of the factory and beer. Afterward, you will learn about the saccharification, filtration, and boiling of major ingredients, such as malt, and how they are placed in aging tanks. Each of these large aging tanks is labeled with a product name and a unique number so that you can easily identify which beer is maturing. You are also encouraged to try your hand at aging beer if you wish. Once beer maturation is complete, each type of beer will be properly packaged depending on its purpose. After the tour, you will be welcomed to a tasting room to test beer. However, regular tours are currently not available because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Instead, the brewery will only be open upon making a private tour reservation.

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    347, Wonjeok-ro 801-beon-gil, Baeksa-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
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  • Directions
    Enter North Yeoju IC, Jungbu Naeryuk Expressway. → Drive 4.4 km to Iyeo-ro, Icheon. → Turn right at Songmalgyo Sageori, and drive 1 km. → Turn right at Yeondangji Sageori, and drive 0.2 km. → Arrive at Amazing Brewing Company.