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Healing Sentimental Instinct: An Analogue Emotional Tour of Yangpyeong


Left:Seohuri Forest  ticket office / Right: 'Sentimental Instinct: An Analogue Emotional Tour of Yangpyeong' is written.




Time Spent: 6 hours / Estimated Cost: KRW 40,000 / Recommended Visiting Season: 3rd weekend of each month / Recommended Route: Seohuri Forest-Sonagi Village- Pungnyeon Farm Garden -Munhori River Market- Giwajip sundubu

[Course Introduction]

An old photo album that I happened to open. I missed those nostalgic times of staying up all night talking to friends on the phone and falling asleep while listening to my favorite radio channel. It was a time when life was not that fast and convenient as today, but people interacted closely with each other and shared the warmth. The photo album made me decide to spend one day in analogue mode. Yes, Yangpyeong would be great. I had to make a frugal trip to Yangpyeong.


[Sonagi Village]

A front view of Sonagi Village.


Left: an open view of Sonagi Village. / Middle: a theater built like an old classroom./ Right: a part of Sonagi Village decorated like a scene from the novel Sonagi


I did not think much of Sonagi Village, imagining it to be no more than a boring exhibition center. Boy, was I completely off the mark! As if I had entered a scene from the novel Sonagi, sorghum growing around the village created a lyrical beauty together with the natural scenery around them.


It seemed that only after encountering this work of literature here could I truly feel the sensibility of the novel I had read in school. As I strolled through the village, I was deeply moved as I recognized the reenacted places from the novel. Was I such an emotional person? After touring the village, I entered the Hwang Sun-won Literature Museum and saw a theater built like an old classroom. Just how many of us could still remember these types of desks and stools? It was an ‘age measure’ that no one can see. An animated movie about the novel is being shown in the theater, and you can watch the movie anytime with only a touch of the button. As I was about to leave, a group of students came in. I left quickly so that the sentimentality I had fallen into would not be shattered by the loud voices of the children.

Sentimental Points

Some of the major scenes from Hwang Sun-won's novels have been recreated on the walking path. Looking at the spaces I could picture the novel in my head like a movie. There couldn’t be a better way of feeling the novel more vividly than this!


Basic Information

Opening Hours: 09:30 ~ 18:00 (closes at 17:00 during the period November ~ February) / closed on Mondays, Lunar New Year’s day, Chuseok Holiday, and January 1

Admission: Adult KRW 2,000 / Youth, military & police force personnel KRW 1,500 / Children KRW 1,000 / Free for seniors above 65 years old

Time Spent: around 1.5 hours

Address: 24 Sonagimaeul-gil, Seojong-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

Phone: +82-31-773- 2299 

Website: (Korean only)


[Munhori River Market]

An entrance of Munhori River Market with yellow sign.


Left: various flea market flags. / Middle: People are looking around the market. / Right: lots of flea markets lie on the both sides.

I have often visited flea markets in the city, but it was my first time to go to a flea market at the riverside. To get into the spirit of the outing, I wore my most favorite pair of shoes, but I was worried that they would get dirty. However, the neatly installed sales booths to the wide grass lawn stretching out toward the river and the road that resembled a country road but very clean made my worry useless. It was a nicely organized outdoor festival. I looked around and liked the atmosphere of the market. 


The sellers were friendly and kind, as if they were not interested in making money. I lost count of how many times I tried the food. The joys of looking and eating made me want to stop time. At an outdoor stage in the market, an acoustic concert was being held. This was what I heard from the entrance. The rhythm of the music suited the relaxing mood of the river and subtly spiced up the market atmosphere. This was the kind of sentiment I wanted to keep deep inside my heart so that I could take it out in small quantities every day.

Sentimental Point

This is a flea market that is filled with things to see. In addition to the basic homemade food, there were many other goods that I saw for the first time in my life such as copper handicrafts and block handicrafts.


Basic Information

Opening Hours: Every 3rd Saturday ~ Sunday of the month

Time Spent: Around 2.5 hours

Address: 941, Bukhangang-ro, Seojong-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

Website: (Korean only)

[Pungnyeon Farm Garden]



A proper table with some 20 dishes


Left: a front view of Pungnyeon Farm Garden./ Middle: an indoor of Korean traditional wooden style of the restaurante. /Right:A proper table with some 20 dishes

I arrived at the Pungnyeon Farm Garden only after traveling for a while along a winding mountain valley road in Yangpyeong. I wondered who would come to such a remote place, but the parking lot was already filled to capacity. The menu offered three choices. The owner said the Nongbu set menu was the basic meal. The Pungnyeon set menu and the Hwanghu set menu came with a few extra dishes like stewed beef shank. And I ordered the Pungnyeon set menu.


When the meal was brought out, the taste and servings were amazing. There were over 20 different side dishes, and the glazed deep-fried pollack puffs, fresh ginseng salad, and hanbangjangyuk, five-spice pork with medicinal herbs tasted neat and appetizing. None of the dishes tasted as if they were lacking in any way. Above all, I could sense the owner’s love of cooking in all the dishes. I have never felt such joy in eating -- it was a totally new experience for me. According to the owner, most of the ingredients were grown in-house, and that was why he could use them in such generous amounts and why they were so delicious.


That was a reason customers came to this remote valley and stood in line to get a table. It was the happiest meal that I had in recent memory. Diet always starts tomorrow (:

Sentimental Point

I could feel love and jeong in the dishes. I could sense the owner’s desire to cook not for the sake of making profit but to delight the customer, without deception and full of honesty. It is a place where one can slowly appreciate the taste of each dish, one by one.


Basic Information

Opening Hours: 10:00 ~ 21:00 / Closed on Lunar New Year's day, Chuseok Holiday

Recommended for 1 person: Pungnyeon set menu (KRW 20,000), Korean Ox Bone Soup (KRW 10,000)

Address: 31, Tungjeomgol-gil, Seojong-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

Phone: +82-31-773-8985


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[Seohuri Forest]

A part of fresh Seohuri Forest with benches.


Left: the Seohuri Forest  ticket office. / Middle:  A beginning part of the Forest trails. / Right: A sign of the caution of snakes.

Seohuri Forest was situated in the middle of of Yangpyeong’s crescent moon-shaped Cheonggyesan Mountain, which surrounds it like a folding screen. Perhaps due to the presence of the mountain around the forest, it was cozy and quiet, and the occasional cries of the mountain birds made me feel at ease. There were short course B and long course A for trekking, and I was about to choose course B to enjoy a leisurely walk. On course A, however, something caught my attention -- it was the forest of birch trees. The sight of lush, straight columns of birch trees rushed through my brain, urging me onward.


There were small grass plots and benches throughout the forest, so it was convenient for taking a rest; signs written in a silly way on ceramic pots were a funny sight. After walking up the mountain for about 30 minutes, the fantastic forest of birch trees unfolded before my eyes. It was a mysterious scenery produced by white trees and their green leaves. I sat on a chair in the middle of the forest and looked at the forest for a long time. I wanted to keep the image as a memory that could linger for a long time, so I came down from the forest before my eyes could get accustomed to the scenery.



Basic Information

Opening Hours: 09:00 ~ 18:00 (last admission at 17:00, closed during the winter season 12/20 ~ 3/18) / Closed every Wednesday

Admission: Adult KRW 5,000 / Children younger than 7 years KRW 3,000

Time Spent: Around 1.5 hours

Address: 200, Geobukbawi 1-gil, Seojong-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

Phone: +82-31-744-2387

Website: (Korean only)


[Giwajip sundubu]

A proper table of sundubu set menu.


Left: A front view of Giwajip sundubu./ Middle: sundubu made by hands and steamed pork. / Right: a gorgeous indoor of Korean traditional style .


As a person who had always thought tofu should be eaten more for its health benefits than its taste, I was shocked because the tofu here was so delicious. The freshly prepared soft tofu was filled with the clean and sweet taste unique to soybeans, and the crisp fresh kimchi added texture and spicy flavor of the meal perfectly matched the tofu.

I lifted my head to look at the kitchen for a moment and saw an elderly person stirring a steaming pot with masterful gestures. Perhaps that was the pot in which this delicious soft tofu was cooked every day. Nowadays, cooking has become so much easier with machines as well as the many seasonings available in markets. But making tofu by hand like what is being done here was a traditional way used in the old days, containing all the devotion and labor of the cook. The Korean set menu that I had ordered didn’t come with a lot of side dishes other than the soft tofu and fresh kimchi, but it was a good meal and hearty enough for me. 

Basic Information

Opening Hours: 10:30 ~ 21:30 (closes at 21:00 during the period November ~ February) / Closed on Lunar New Year's day, Chuseok Holiday

Recommendation for 1 person: Korean set menu with soft tofu stew (KRW 8,000), fresh tofu and stir-fried pork (KRW 20,000)

Address: 133, Bukhangang-ro, Joan-myeon, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Phone: +82-31-576-9009


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[Course Guide]

1. A journey that you can feel with your five senses

- Turn off your smartphone for one day.

- Capture the scenery with your eyes, not with a camera. Enjoy your journey while engaging in face-to-face conversation with others rather than through messenger.


2. A journey recorded in writing

- “Letters and diaries,” the symbols of the analog age: The sentimentality of recording your journey in writing.