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* Do you want to have some exciting experiences?

* Do you want to eat lots of fresh seasonal seafood?




You don’t have to drive a car for a few hours to see the sea. Seoul Subway Line 4 will take you to Oido Station, and from there you can take a bus to reach Oido Island within 30 minutes. Oido Island, which is now attached to the mainland, offers a variety of attractions and experiences including picking surf clams from the tideland, experiencing shell crafts at Oido Marine Park, touring Oido Island on an eco-bike, taking photos against the background of a red lighthouse, and taking photos of the sunset over Oido Island, and so on.

The island is also known for its many gourmet attractions including its fish market, raw fish restaurants, other delicious restaurants, cafes, and much more. Oido Island’s grilled clams is already hugely popular. After enjoying the tideland experience, why not end your trip with a delicious dish of grilled clams. You can spend a profitable day visiting all the interesting attractions of Oido Island, starting from Okgudo Urban Nature Park, which was once an island, and finishing with Oido Island’s grilled clams. Let’s go now!


a red light house at Oido Island.  


- Picking surf clams from the tideland.

- Enjoying grilled clams and a refreshing drink with friends.

- Taking a photo of the fantastic sunset with the red lighthouse as the backdrop.

Oido Island at low tide.  


Course 1.

Okgudo Urban Nature Park with an open view of the west sea (Seohae)

Okgudo Urban Nature Park, which used to be Okgudo Island, is a small and cozy park. On the top of a small mountain is Okgujeong, (also known as Nakjodae), which overlooks the sea of Incheon, Sihwa Embankment, and Daebudo Island. It takes about an hour to reach Okgujeong and look around the theme gardens, including the rose garden and the Korean garden. As the park has a Forest Library and also runs a forest interpretation program, it’s the ideal place for family outings. You can take a bus (toward Oido Island) from Oido Station to get to the park.

cow and a boy sculptures in the Okgudo Urban Nature Park . 

Travel Information

- Address: 58, Oido-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do

- Tel: +82-31-310-2410 (Park Management Division of Siheung City)

- Opening Hours: N/A

- Admission: Free


Course 2.


Matjarang, a restaurant famous for its generous servings of refreshing clam noodle soup and seafood noodle soup


The embankment encloses three sides of Oido Island. The embankment is lined with 52 streetlamps, and you will find the Matjarang in front of the 52nd streetlamp. Matjarang is well-known for its grilled clams, clam noodle soup and seafood noodle soup made with clams, octopus, etc., all of which are so good that customers often having difficulty choosing between them. If you’re hungry, seafood noodle soup is recommended, but if you fancy a more refreshing dish, clam noodle soup is highly recommended.


A bowl of seafood noodle soup made with clams, octopus, etc.

Travel Information

- Address: 253, Oido-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do

- Tel: +82-31-434-9229

- Opening Hours: 10:00 - 22:00

- Menu: Clam noodle soup (KRW 7,000), seafood noodle soup (KRW 11,000), seafood and green onion pancake (KRW 15,000), grilled clams (KRW 50,000)


Course 3.

Red lighthouse, a famous attraction situated on the embankment road of Oido Island


Let’s walk along the embankment on Oido Island! You can see observation platforms, rest area, sculptures, photo zones, and other interesting attractions. Refresh yourself with the open view of the sea and the tideland. Oido Marine Observatory, which was converted from an old navy guard ship, and the red lighthouse, which is located in the middle of the embankment road, are the most popular photo sites in Oido Island. Visitors are recommended to rent a bike and enjoy an invigorating ride along the bike path on the embankment.

Left: a red lighthouse / Right: an open view of a street along the breakwater.

Travel Information

- Address: (Red lighthouse) 175, Oido-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do

- Tel: +82-31-319-0205

- Opening Hours: N/A

- Admission: Free

Course 4.


Tideland Experience and Fish Market, collect surf clams and enjoy seasonal seafood

The tideland at Oido Island yields an abundance of surf clams. The Tideland Education and Experience Center run by Oido Fishing Village is situated at the end of the embankment in front of the red lighthouse. The center provides a variety of experience programs including opportunities to dig clams out of the tideland, sledge on the tideland, enjoy water activities, play football and kickball on the tideland, or simply go fishing. The tideland experience is subject to tidal times, so please inquire for details in advance. Situated near the embankment, the fish market run by the Oido fishing village sells freshly-caught seasonal seafood at very reasonable prices.

Left: Mom and daughter are playing on the mud flat. / Upper right: people enjoying on the mud flat. / Lower right: various fresh sea foods selling in Oido Island.

Travel Information

- Address: (Red lighthouse) 175, Oido-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do

- Tel: +82-31-319-0205 Tideland Education and Experience Center

- Opening Hours: Depends on the tide.

- Experience Program Fee: Clam gathering experience – KRW 7,000 for Adults, KRW 5,000 for middle school students and younger children.


Course 5.

Grilled Clams, a fantastic combination with soju

It’s great fun to enjoy grilled clams beneath the beautiful sunset over Oido Island, which is crowded with restaurants specializing in grilled clams. Recently, the restaurants have been attracting many younger people with their new and innovative menus. Unlimited servings of grilled fresh clams along with various side dishes are available at KRW 25,000 per person. The set menu of sliced raw fish and grilled clams is a famous and highly appreciated family menu. You can choose a grilled clam restaurant according to your taste among the wide variety of restaurants with unique menus such as grilled clams with Mozzarella cheese, which are loved by children, and pen shell pasta.


a dish of Grilled Clams with cheese on them.  




Useful Tips for Walking Tourists

Tip 1. Free experience program with seashells at Oido Marine Observatory

Oido Marine Observatory boasts an open view of the sea and an audiovisual reference room where visitors can learn all about the tideland ecology, and also runs a free hands-on program that allows visitors to make an attractive key ring with seashells. Why not make a pretty key ring using seashells and a conch as a gift for your beloved.


Travel Information

- Address: (Oido Marine Observatory) 240, Oido-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do

- Opening Hours: 10:00 -17:00, Closed on Mondays

- Admission: Free

Tip 2. Tour of Oido Island by Eco-bike

Anyone who can ride a bike is highly recommended to take a bike ride around Oido Island on an electric-powered Eco-bike. The bike rental shop runs three bike courses. Course 1, which follows the Sihwa embankment road (Sihwa Tidal Power Plant), is the most popular one among visitors to the island.


 Travel Information

- Address: 195, Oido-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do

- Tel: +82-1577-7905

- Opening Hours: Weekdays - 13:00-21:00, Weekends and Holidays - 12:00-21:00 (Closed on Mondays)

- Fee: KRW 10,000 per hour


Tip 3. Donkey Coffee, enjoy a cup of coffee beneath the beautiful sunset

Donkey Coffee is a café with impressive white walls, discretely located in a quiet corner of the Oido embankment. From the 2nd floor of the café you can enjoy a cup of coffee with a view of the fantastic sunset and take a photo of the picturesque landscape.

Travel Information

- Address: 223, Oido-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do

- Tel: +82-31-503-3820

- Opening Hours: 10:30-22:30, open all year round

- Menu: Americano (KRW 3,800), Cappuccino / Café Latte (KRW 4,300), Café Mocha (KRW 4,800), Baguette Ball Bread / Honey Butter Bread (KRW 6,500)

Left: seashells exhibited at Oido Marine Observatory / Middle: a man is looking the horizon on the motorcycle. / Right: a cup of ice americano on the table.