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Activity Car-Free BMW Travel Course [Gapyeong]


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Quick View of the Course

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* The fastest way to get from Seoul to Gapyeong Station is to take the ITX Cheongchun train, which takes only 1 hour to get from Yongsan Station to Gapyeong Station, whereas it takes about 1 hour 40 minutes to get from Yongsan Station to Gapyeong Station on the Gyeongchun Line.


* Are you looking for thrilling activities?

* Do you want to get away to a romantic island?


This course is recommended for activity-oriented groups seeking dynamic experiences. The Gapyeong ATV experience is a popular couple’s dating course thanks to the famous scene in the TV drama Lucky Romance. Your whole body will experience the thrill of this rough ride as it speeds across fields of reeds, muddy tracks, and bumpy rocky roads. When you arrive at the top of the hill, you will feel a sense of accomplishment, and your stress will be released as you speed through sprays of water. As many ATV tour agencies are situated right next to Gapyeong Station, walking tourists can also enjoy the ATV activity.

After a dish of delicious Dakgalbi(spicy stir-fried chicken) and Makguksu(spicy buckwheat noodles for lunch, you can fly to Jarasum Island or Nami Island on the zip-wire. This course offers a variety of exciting experiences that attract many young people in particular. 

 People are enjoying ATV on the waterway.  



  • Ride an ATV along a water path and create thrilling sprays of water.

  • Enjoy a dish of Dakgalbi(spicy stir-fried chicken), mix the leftovers with rice, and end the meal with a refreshing dish of Makguksu(buckwheat noodles)  

  • Fly by zip-wire to Jarasum Island or Nami Island.

    people are riding zip-wire among the frest forest.

    <Introduction of the Course>----------------------------------------------------------

    Course 1.

    ATV Experience: Ride a four-wheel quad bike to relieve your stress!

    This exciting ATV ride, which runs along a series of interesting paths including a reed field, a muddy road, and a water path with wild sprays of water, will leave you feeling stress-free and refreshed. The one-hour-long ATV beginners’ course, consisting of an easy reed path, rocky path and watery path, is designed for people who have never ridden an ATV before. After riding along the training course first, a guide will accompany riders for the entire route. The thrill of riding along unpaved roads and bouncing over rough hilly roads will eliminate your stress at once letting you fully enjoy your freedom with nature and quiet road in Gapyeong. Four ATV agencies are situated right next to Gapyeong Station, so visitors without cars can easily enjoy the activity, too.



     people are riding ATV crossing the waterway.  

Travel Information

1. Black Puppy’s Scooter Rental Shop

 –Address: 583-5, Daljeon-ri, Gapyeong-eup, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
 – Tel: +82-10-9985-1577
 – Rental Fee: From KRW 25,000 
 – Home page: 

2. Gapyeongyeok Leisure
 – Address: 627-1, Daljeon-ri, Gapyeong-eup, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
 – Tel: +82-10-9616-0081
 – Rental Fee: From KRW 25,000
 – Home page:

Course 2.

Dakgalbi and Makguksu - enjoy the fantastic combination of sweet, salty, and spicy flavors.

Dakgalbi is the number one must-have dish during your visit to Gapyeong. A number of restaurants specializing in delicious Dakgalbi such as Salang Dakgalbi and Yumyeongsuk Chuncheon Dakgalbi are situated near Gaypeyong Wharf. The best way to enjoy Dakgalbi is to eat chicken and vegetables stir-fried on an iron plate first, then eat the leftovers stir-fried with rice, and end the meal with a refreshing dish of Makguksu(buckwheat noodles)! In particular, Salang Dakgalbi is famous for its extra spicy noodles, which are freshly made by the restaurant.

Restaurant web

Salang Dakgalbi:

Yumyeongsuk Chuncheon Dakgalbi:

Left: Dakgalbi/  Right: Makguksu



Course 3.

Jara-Nami Skyline Zip-wire, an electrifying flight at the height of a 30-story building

There’s a truly thrilling way to get to Nami Island or Jarasum Island in just 90 seconds. You can fly there through the sky! Enjoy flying over the sea at a height of 80 meters. The gentle Family Course will take you to Nami Island, while the fast and thrilling Adventure Course, will take you to Jarasum Island. The ticket for the Jarasum Adventure Course includes the fare for a boat from Jarasum Island to Nami Island and a ferry from Nami Island to Gapyeong Wharf. This course offers you an unmissable opportunity to visit both of these two islands. If you come to Gapyeong for adventure, you should try the Jara-Nami Skyline Zip-wire! 


Left: a woman riding zip-wire / Right: a photo of the beginning of zip-wire deck.
Travel Information
 –Address: Namiseom Ticket Office, 1024, Bukhangangbyeon-ro, Gapyeong-eup, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
 –Tel: +82-31-582-8091
 –Opening Hours: 08:30-18:00 (At intervals of approx. 30 minutes)
 –Admission: KRW 38,000 (Entrance fee for Namisum Island and boat fares included) 

Tip. How to take a photo while riding the zip-wire.
Although taking photos with a mobile phone is impossible on the zip-wire, you can carry your phone with you if you have a waterproof phone case with neck straps. Taking photos is only possible if you have a wrist strap for your Action Cam (ex. GoPro). You can also buy a photo taken by the zip-wire agency for KRW 15,000.

Course 4.


Jarasum Island, an unspoiled natural environment


Jarasum Island is famous for its campsites and jazz festival. As it has only recently become popular among tourists, its natural environment is well preserved, unlike Nami Island. It is a great place to enjoy walking amid the quiet atmosphere along the river. The tall cottonwood and willow trees create a splendid landscape amid silver grass and reeds waving gently in the wind. As the island is connected to the land, tourists can reach it easily by foot. During its various festivals, just looking at people enjoying cultural performances in a relaxing atmosphere on a broad grass field makes you feel at ease as well.


When you arrive at Jarasum Island via the zip-wire, you will notice the ferry dock. However, even if you get to Jarasum Island via the zip-wire, you will still have to take a boat if you wish to visit Nami Island, so you won’t have much time to walk around. If you want to visit Jarasum Island properly, it is recommended to rent a bike on land in order to have a good look around the island.


A photo of letter sculpture of Jarasum JAZZ.
Travel Information
 –Address: 1-1, Daljeon-ri, Gapyeong-eup, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
 –Tel: +82-31-8078-8028 
 –Admission: Free
 –Home page:


Course 5.

Nami Island, a culture theme park set amid a beautiful landscape

For many visitors, the first thing they remember about Nami Island is probably the Metasequoia Road, which featured in the TV drama Winter Sonata some years ago. However, the entire island is full of splendid roadside trees, so you will discover beautiful sights and scenery wherever you walk. As the island is also home to a variety of cultural facilities including exhibition halls, performance venues and museums, the whole island feels like a culture theme park. As this small island owns a wide range of cultural facilities, attractions and entertainments, it is worthy of its nickname ‘Naminara Republic’. In addition, Nami Island offers visitors various exciting rides including the UNICEF Charity Train, bicycles, Electric Tri-Way, and Story Tour Bus that travels around the island. Walking around the island is another ideal way to enjoy a trip there. It is advisable to check information about the many cultural events and festivals held on the island in advance. There is a regular ferry service between Nami Island and the land. 




 Left : people riding Electric Tri-Way. / Right: people riding Story Tour Bus  

Travel Information
 –Address: 1, Namiseom-gil, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do
 –Tel: +82-31-580-8114 
 –Admission to Nami Island costs KRW 10,000, which includes the round-trip ferry fare.

TIP.​ If you wish to visit Nami Island without using the zip-wire, you can take a ferry from the Gapyeong wharf. (Daljeon-ri, Gapyeong-eup, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do)

Useful Tips>-----------------------------------------------------------------
Useful Tips for Walking Tourists



    • TIP 1. Romantic trip in a double-deck carriage on the ITX Cheonchun Train

      The ITX Cheongchun Train, which runs on the Gyeongchun Line, has two double-deck railway carriages (no. 4 and 5) that offer travelers an opportunity to enjoy splendid scenery from a much higher deck than normal trains. It is advisable to reserve a train ticket on the Internet as tickets are usually sold out.


      TIP 2. Highly-Recommended Event in Jarasum Island - Jarasum International Jazz Festival

      Jarasum Island became well known thanks to the Jarasum International Jazz Festival, which was first held in 2004. The festival is now considered one of Korea’s representative festivals, attracting 210,000 visitors in 2016. Its slogan is “festival like a picnic that you do not need to know the music.”. The festival is also known for its Jazz Makgeolli (rice wine). Enjoy a relaxing night filled with music and rice wine!


      TIP 3. Gapyeong Travel on the Gapyeong Tour Bus

      The one-day travel ticket (KRW 6,000) allows you to travel around most of Gapyeong’s tourist attractions including Petite France and the Garden of Morning Calm. The bus runs every hour and users can easily transfer to another bus free of charge. It departs from Gapyeong Station every hour from 09:10 to 18:10. The bus stop is situated right next to the Tourist Information Center on the right of Gapyeong Station.

      Left: a train to Gapyeong station/ Middle: Lots of people enjoying Jarasum International Jazz Festival. / Right: a side of Gapyeong tour bus.