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Healing Unak Valley in Gapyeong


Lovely Foliage Flower of the Sogeumgang Valley of Gyeonggi-do Unak Valley in Gapyeong

Unaksan Mountain, formed by strange rocks and bizarre stones, has a befitting name meaning “a peak that penetrates the clouds.” It is one of the five difficult mountains to hike in Gyeonggi-do alongside Hwaaksan, Gwanaksan, Gamaksan, and Songaksan mountains. It is, however, superb in the magnificent view and is referred to as the “Sogeumgang Valley of Gyeonggi-do.” This is why an endless number of people visit Unaksan Mountain in the fall to see the foliage that stains the mountain in multiple colors like vibrant flowers. You need not reach the summit to partake of this scenery; walking up to Hyeondeungsa Temple along the Unak Valley would suffice. Park your car at the parking lot, and pass by the ticket booth to reach Iljumun Gate soon. You will notice that the forest is in full view even though you only walked for a bit. Each tree greets visitors with foliage flowers. Once you check out the foliage, you will also notice the water. The valley that spreads across 2 km up to Hyeondeungsa Temple is also called the Hyeondeungsa Valley. Its rocks are smoothly connected as if formed by one large rock. On the way up, feast your eyes on the Baengnyeon Falls that is said to have been flowing for the last 100 years and the Muun Falls that is 20 m high. If you want to see the valley from up close, go down to the waterside. Indulge yourself in the fall ambiance like the red maple leaves that float along the clear water.

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    7-48, Hyeondeungsa-gil, Jojong-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do (Unaksan Public Parking Lot)
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    +82-70-7719-7763 (Unaksan Tourist Information Center)
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