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Healing Soha-dong Mural Village, Gwangmyeong


Art of Love and Hope Soha-dong Mural Village, Gwangmyeong

An old and narrow village in Soha-dong, Gwangmyeong-si, which consists of about 40 buildings zoned with development restrictions, was transformed into a bright and lively mural village as part of a village environment improvement project. Soha-dong Mural Village has alleys that are divided into two sections, each featuring beautiful murals under the themes of “hope, love, and sharing.” They might not look sophisticated, yet they are as pure and innocent as the village children’s sketchbook drawings, brimming with wild imagination. Visitors will find it heartwarming to see the murals that feature the comic book characters everybody loved as a child, lovely cats chilling out, autumn days spent with a lover, and families laughing together. These murals are in perfect harmony with the old houses that stood the test of time. The complicated arrangement of electric wires that resemble a spider’s web, dainty murals, and clear blue sky above the roofs of the old houses will leave you feeling nostalgic. There are not many households left because the village is currently undergoing redevelopment. Nevertheless, visitors can have a peek beyond the walls at the gardens, where household items can still be found. It only takes 10 minutes to stroll around Soha-dong Mural Village, but one is sure to discover the simple joys in life even for just a short time. If you feel exhausted and are in search of happiness, you should find visiting this quiet and tranquil village a perfect option.

  • Address
    47, Seomyeon-ro, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Tel
    +82-2-2680-6617 (Soha 2-dong Community Service Center)
  • Recommended Tour Route
    • ① One-Day Trip: Gureumsan Forest Park → Anyangcheon Multi-Purpose Plaza → Soha-dong Mural Village, Gwangmyeong
    • ② Two-Day, One-Night Trip: Gureumsan Forest Park → Anyangcheon Fall Foliage Trail → Soha-dong Mural Village, Gwangmyeong→ (Overnight Stay) → Gwangmyeong Children’s Traffic Safety Park → Geumgangjeongsa Temple