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Healing Bangameori Beach in Ansan


Discover a Gift From the Western Sea of Korea, a Family-Oriented Beach Bangameori Beach in Ansan

Daebudo Island, which boasts of a beautiful natural environment, is one hour away from the capital region. Tourists can relieve everyday stress while driving and appreciating the refreshing view of the seascape along the Sihwa Embankment. Then, they will soon enter the road toward Daebudo Island, a large island in the western sea of Korea.
The Bangameori Beach in Daebudo Island is a beautiful seaside where tourists can enjoy the picturesque scenery and delicious seafood. Its wide sandy beach, which resembles a similar beach in the East Sea of Korea, is an ideal place for children’s water play because it has fine sand and a shallow sea. As the tide goes out, visitors can catch seashells, such as clams and surf clams, on the mudflat. When you dig the mudflat about 5 cm deep with a clam hoe, you might feel something similar to a stone, but it is a fleshy surf clam. When you catch one clam from a place, you could bet to see more clams in the area. Without paying any admission or experience fee, tourists can enjoy the sea of Gyeonggi to their heart’s content. Because of various interesting activities, a lot of family members visit the beach. So, it is recommended to arrive early when visiting the beach during weekends or public holidays and use the Daebudo Outdoor Parking Lot 1 located in the middle of the Bangameori Food Town.

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    1531, Daebuhwanggeum-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do (Daebudo Tourist Information Center)
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