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Healing Yeonghagang River Barbed Wire Fences Trail in Gimpo


Experience the Historic Trail with the Background of the Sea! Yeonghagang River Barbed Wire Fences Trail in Gimpo

The Pyeonghwa Nuri Trail is a 189 km–long trail consisting of 12 different walking routes that connect to four municipalities, including Gimpo and Yeoncheon, which are adjacent to the demilitarized zone (DMZ). Visitors can enjoy a leisurely walk in which they can appreciate the well-preserved natural landscape while also learning about the history of the national division of Korea. In particular, the Yeonghagang River Barbed Wire Fences Trail, which is the Pyeonghwa Nuri Trail 1, invites tourists to look around the scenes of the stormy modern history of Korea with a backdrop of the splendid seascape.
The Yeonghagang River Barbed Wire Fences Trail is a 14 km–long course, stretching from the Daemyeonghang Port to the South Gate of the Munsusanseong Fortress, and takes about four hours to complete. Yeomha is a narrow strait between Gimpo and Ganghwado Island, with tall barbed-wire fences, which were built against the spies from the North, that have been preserved along the coastal line. The trail, which offers a pleasant walk with a refreshing breeze from the sea of Gyeonggi, begins right after Gimpo Marine Park. Then, the trail continues to Deokpojin Fort, a military camp built to defend the country against foreign invasions during the Joseon Dynasty, passes through Goyang-ri and Ponae-ri, and finally arrives at the south gate of the Munsusanseong Fortress.
This relatively long trail is well equipped with enough shelters and restrooms. In addition, the Daemyeonghang Port, the starting point, is full of fresh seafood products, and the endpoint in the south gate has many famous restaurants. It can also be easily accessed by public transport as both the starting and endpoints are reached by the red bus.

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