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Healing Anseong Farmland


Enjoy Interesting Farm Activities in the Green Meadow! Anseong Farmland

The Anseong Farmland, located in Gongdo-eup, Anseong-si, was initially established as the Handok Naknongsibeom Farm in 1969. This farm is experience-oriented themed with an area of about 120 m2 and combined with the concepts of education, relaxation, and amusement. The farmland was selected by the Korea Tourism Organization as one of Korea’s 100 must-visit tourist spots for 2021–2022. With 25 species of animals, the farmland consists of different villages, such as the honey village, sheep village, and rabbit village, and experience halls where visitors can touch and feed animals, such as cattle and bird-feeding experience centers. For visitors at the outdoor stage, they can watch the entertaining Dog Show that the farmland provides. There are also charged experience programs, such as the kids’ village, multi-play zone, children’s amusement park, electric bikes, racing carts, and horse-riding. After June, the farmland is covered with beautiful flowers, including poppies, roses, hydrangeas, lilies, and sunflowers, creating a healing atmosphere for guests.

  • Admission Fees
    Adults - KRW 12,000 Children - KRW 10,000
  • Address
    28, Daesindu-gil, Gongdo-eup, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
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