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Healing Seoundongsan Park in Pocheon


Take a Rest in the Arms of a Fifty-Year-Old Forest! Seoundongsan Park in Pocheon

Located near Gwangneung Forest in the Jukyeopsan Mountain in Pocheon, Seoundongsan Park has become a major tourist picnic spot since its opening as Korea’s first farm in 1987. Its development began in 1969, and this year, the forest with dense green trees has become 53 years old. Seoundongsan Park consists of a well-tended garden with beautiful spring flowers, a children’s zoo, and various convenience and amusement facilities loved by many visitors, especially families. If you lay out a mat anywhere in the park, you will enjoy the feeling of spring. You can also take splendid spring shots as Seoundongsan Park has been selected as one of the Top 101 Picturesque Spots by filming managers because of its magnificent scenery that has been the background of numerous TV dramas, music videos, and commercial films

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    127-3, Mamyeong-ri, Naechon-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
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