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Healing Dongducheon Recreational Forest


Let’s Breathe Freely in the Forest! Dongducheon Recreational Forest

Located at the foot of Wangbangsan Mountain, the Dongducheon Recreational Forest attracts many visitors with its beautiful landscape. So far, over 50,000 people have visited the forest despite having been open for less than a year. The Dongducheon Recreational Forest comprises 26 accommodation facilities such as the forest recreation center and forest house. It is also a great picnic place where visitors can enjoy a pleasant walk along the forest trail, which has two walking courses with a duration of 10–20 minutes. After an enjoyable walk, visitors can spend the rest of the day taking another stroll or having a nice picnic surrounded by green trees.
The Nolja Forest, which has opened in May 2021, comprises an indoor amusement facility, which is suitable for all ages, and a food court available throughout the year. A playground built according to the natural topography of the forest offers visitors of all ages an opportunity to safely have fun. You can also make a thrilling outdoor adventure out of the exciting forest facilities, such as the wires, ropes, and wooden structures.