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Art Blooms in an Old Quarry Pocheon Art Valley
Art Blooms in an Old Quarry Pocheon Art Valley

Byeongmogan Citizens Park and Pocheon Art Valley have one thing in common. Both of these sites were built on old quarries. However, the two parks are distinct in different ways. While Byeongmogan Citizens Park has a roaring waterfall, Pocheon Art Valley serves as a culture and art multiplex. The Art Valley is a huge space that takes around two hours to explore. However, there’s no need to worry because a monorail takes you to the inner section of the valley. Get off at the monorail station to see Cheonjuho Lake, the heart of the valley. Fountain water and rainwater flow into a pond in Cheonjusan Mountain, where people used to mine beautiful granite stones called pocheonseok, to create this beautiful emerald lake. At the lake, the pristine quality of the water explains the existence of crawfish and salamanders. It’s also flanked by artificial cliffs that look like columnar joints. Now, walk around the lake while taking in the view to reach the performance stage in the Sky Garden. As you descend the stairs, you will arrive at a coffeehouse with a great view that goes well with a cup of coffee. A walking trail passes through a lush forest between the coffeehouse and the main gate. Located at the main gate are the Stone Culture Exhibition Center and the Educational Exhibition Center. Visitors can also enjoy various activities, including Korean calligraphy, toy making, and plaster air freshener making. The Art Valley also features an Astronomical Science Center. Exhibits on the first two floors are open to all visitors, while the planetarium and the observatory are only open to visitors who booked the astronomy program. Admission is free, and tickets are distributed on site.

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    234, Art valley-ro, Sinbuk-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
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    09:00–19:00 (entrance closes at 18:00), closed on the first Monday of every month
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  • Recommended Tour Route
    • ① One-Day Trip: Korea National Arboretum (Gwangneung Forest) → Pocheon Art Valley → Pocheon Herb Island
    • ② Two-Day, One-Night Trip: Korea National Arboretum (Gwangneung Forest) → Pocheon Art Valley → Pocheon Herb Island → (Overnight Stay) → Spring Fall Sinbuk Resort → Prehistoric Site in Jeongok-ri, Yeoncheon → Stars & Forest Theme Park