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Healing Yongmunsan Mountain in Yangpyeong


Yellow Ginkgo Leaf Containing a Thousand Years of History Yongmunsan Mountain in Yangpyeong

Yongmunsan Mountain cannot be left out when mentioning famous fall foliage sites in the country. The seasonal trip to Yongmunsan Mountain starts at the Yongmunsan Tourist Complex. The fall foliage, which begins around mid-October, reaches the climax in early November. At the entrance of the tourist area, Ginkgo trees are lined up on the streets to greet visitors. As you pass these yellow trees, you can see the magnificent Yongmunsan Mountain standing before you. Then, the dark greenery disappears, and the entire mountain blushes as if shy. After admiring the view of the mountain, head over to Yongmunsa Temple around the energetically flowing valley. See vibrant orange foliage on either side of the forest path. Turn your gaze to the valley next to the path, and you will also see colorful waters, which reflect the foliage and contain fallen leaves. While the path is less than 300 m, time will fly as you take pictures and take in the fall view. Once you reach Yongmunsa Temple, you will face the Ginkgo tree, which is designated Natural Monument No. 30, a highlight of the fall foliage trip to Yongmunsan Mountain. The Ginkgo tree is 42 m high and 1,100 years old, producing large amounts of golden Ginkgo leaves in late fall as it has done over the last 1,000 years. Each year, numerous people visit Yongmunsan Mountain to see the magnificent view of fall foliage.

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