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Healing Jangheung Tourist Area of Yangju


Romantic Fall Colors of Oak Trees Jangheung Tourist Area of Yangju

Jangheung Tourist Area of Yangju is a “nostalgic amusement park.” Easy to visit from the metropolitan area, including Seoul, the site was loved as a school trip and summer vacation site in the 1980s and 1990s. Thanks to the thick forest and clear water nearby, family groups would frequently visit. In 2003, arts and culture spaces and beautiful cafés were built, creating an inviting space for couples. Thankfully, the illegal facilities by the valley have been removed. The nature hidden behind the illegal facilities has fully recovered to present gorgeous fall foliage.
With Gaemyeongsan Mountain as the peak, Jangheung Tourist Area is flanked by Hwangsaebong and Aengbong peaks to the left and Iryeongbong Peak to the right, with Seogyeoncheon Stream flowing through a winding path. The valley is surrounded by a forest with chestnut trees, white oaks, and pine trees. When the gently flowing ridge from the mountaintop to the valley turns colors in the fall, it presents a breathtaking view of the foliage. The foliage of the Jangheung Tourist Area is gentle and subtle, a beautiful sight accompanying a walk or a drive. Around this time of the year, the foliage covers the paths, roads, and valley to present a magnificent view. Remember that it is not too late to visit the fall foliage right now.

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    193, Gwonyul-ro, Jangheung-myeon, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do (Jangheung Tourist Area)
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    +82-31-8082-5650 (Culture & Tourism Division of Yangju-si)
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