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Healing Baegun Valley in Pocheon


The Best Foliage Valley in Northern Gyeonggi Baegun Valley in Pocheon

Baegunsan Mountain in Pocheon boasts of a splendid view that has been included among the top 100 famous mountains by the Korea Forest Service. High peaks, such as Gwangdeoksan Mountain, Gungmangbong Peak, and Bakdalbong Peak, form a group of peaks that are a sight to see at the valley, making this place already famous among hikers. While beautiful all-year-round, the foliage rain in the fall decorates the entire mountain. If you do not wish to go on a challenging hike, take the entrance at the Baegun Valley Tourist Complex to ascend slowly around the Baegun Valley and enjoy the easiest foliage path. Baegun Valley, which is part of the Hantangang River Geopark, is a 10 km valley that features clear water flowing down from Baegunsan Mountain’s summit to the west. At the entrance of the valley is the thousand-year-old Heungnyongsa Temple. You might want to quickly look around to check out the temple in front of the foliage-clothed mountain. Here, the writing of King Sejong is stored. Turn around to hike the mountain along the valley and enter the foliage path where leaves change color. Gaze at small ponds and waterfalls along the way, such as Seonyudam Pool, Geumgwang Falls, and Chwiseondae. Befitting the description “Taoist hermit sitting at the center of the cloud,” the light of fall foliage is something that Taoist hermits would have enjoyed seeing in the late fall sky.

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