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Healing Anseong Farmland


Dreamland where Animals, Plants, and People Coexist Anseong Farmland
Dreamland where Animals, Plants, and People Coexist Anseong Farmland

Anseong Farmland is a farm-style theme park. The farm offers a program that feeds goats, sheep, cows, and birds, such as cockatiel and budgerigar. Its vast flower garden is too large to be seen from one viewpoint. The farm also offers children’s rides, a horseback riding range, and racing cart facilities, which can be enjoyed while circling the place along the big road that starts at the entrance. The first adventure you will encounter is the pond full of lotus leaves and the children’s rides. Walk along the road to reach the dog show venue, which you can access for free on certain dates. The sight of puppies catching disks that fly through obstacles makes the audience cheer. Behind the dog show facility is a tall meadow surrounded by a white fence that enhances the background. With napping spotted cows and running ostriches, this place is akin to a painting. The farmland’s innermost is the establishment’s highlight: the vast pink muhly grass field and cosmos flower garden that endlessly spread out. The large flower garden and ridge makes spectators watch in admiration. Once you come out of the flower garden, you will see grazing sheep and a large windmill on the green hill, the exact scene that the word “farm” evokes.

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    28, Daesindu-gil, Gongdo-eup, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
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  • Recommended Tour Route
    • ① One-Day Trip: Anseong Farmland → Bug Farm (Zoo) → Ansung Observatory
    • ② Two-Day, One-Night Trip: Anseong Farmland→ Bug Farm (Zoo) → Ansung Observatory → (Lodging) → Anseong March 1st Movement Memorial Hall → Gosam Lake