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Healing Haengjusanseong History Park in Goyang


An Untact Trip with Hangang River Haengjusanseong History Park in Goyang
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Located at the estuary of Hangang River, Haengjusanseong Fortress is where the Battle of Haengju, one of the greatest battles in Korean history (along with the Siege of Jinju and the Battle of Hansando Island), took place during the Japanese Invasions of Korea (1592–1598). It is not only a historic site symbolizing the victory over Japan but also an emerging untact tourist site. As you step inside Haengjusanseong History Park, a refreshing metasequoia tree road will welcome you. At the end of this road, you will find Haengjusanseong History Park. Although you can’t bring anything else except a picnic mat or a camping chair, this Hangang riverside park makes a perfect and very accessible getaway. To reach the river terrace, you must pass a former military guard post called Haenghojeong (Military Guard Post). This is because before the park was built in 2012, civilian access was strictly restricted in the area as it was a site for military guard posts and ceasefire lines.

If you look at the park map, you will find eight photo spots. You can plan your trip around these spots, which include Haenghojeong Observatory (the first spot), Riverside Reed Field (the fifth spot), Fishing Boat (the sixth spot), which is a reenactment of the scene from the painting Fishing Boats on Haengho River by Jeong Seon, a famous Korean artist also known by his pen-name “Gyeomjae,” and Ppallaetdolmeori (the eighth spot and a flat stone used as a washboard you can step on to get closer to the river). There are other photo spots as well: 243 Pinwheels for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea, a barbed-wire fence with the number “1953,” and an iron gate with “2015.” Banghwadaegyo Bridge, in the upper course of Hangang River, is known for its beautiful red arc that visualizes airplane takeoff and landing. On your way back home, you can drop by Haengjusanseong Fortress. Once you reach the summit of Deogyangsan Mountain, you will be able to witness the breathtaking scenery of Bukhansan Mountain and Hangang River.

Haengjusanseong History Park in Goyang img

  • Address
    93-38, Haengjusanseong-ro, Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Tel.
    +82-31-8075-3404(Division of Cultural Heritages and Tourism, Goyang City Hall)
  • One-Day Trip
    Haengjusanseong History Park → Haengjusanseong Fortress → Seooreung Royal Tombs
  • Two-Day, One-Night Trip
    Haengjusanseong History Park → Haengjusanseong Fortress → Seooreung Royal Tombs → (Overnight Stay) → Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang → Ilsan Lake Park