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Healing Gaetgol Eco Park in Siheung


Tidal Creeks’ Scenery on West Sea Shores Gaetgol Eco Park in Siheung
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During the Japanese occupation of Korea in the 1930s, the Japanese colonial government opened salt farms in Nonhyeon-dong in Incheon and Po-dong, Wolgot-dong, and Janggok-dong in Siheung. These farms produced salt even after the independence of Korea; however, along with the decline of the salt industry, they got shut down in 1996. Afterward, the farms in Siheung and their nearby areas turned into Siheung Gaetgol Eco Park, which offers a wide range of eco-friendly activities, including migratory bird watching and salt production. In 2012, the park was designated as a National Wetland Protection Area, given how it has been home to many wetland organisms such as halophytes and bowed fiddler crabs.

Siheung Gaetgol refers to a tidal mudflat route where the saltwater from the West Sea comes in and out. Surrounding this tidal route, Gaetgol Eco Park is equipped with interesting facilities such as Salt Farm Experience Center, salt warehouses, Gaetgol Eco Learning Center, Birdwatching Center, and Dune Plant Garden. Because of this, going around the park can take 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on which path you choose among the many inviting courses. Dune Plant Garden is home to salt-tolerant coastal plants such as reed, beach silver top, and Bermuda grass. When East Asian seepweeds turn crimson red in September, the garden becomes a place straight out of a fairy tale. If you pass Cheoni Eco Learning Center and Children’s Playground on Sand right next to the garden to reach the other side, you will find Salt Farm, Seawater, and Gaetgol Experience Centers. Among them, Salt Farm Experience, built by restoring a part of the former salt field, is the most popular tourist attraction. After learning about sun-dried salt at the Eco Learning Center, you can harvest snow-white salt crystals by raking. In the nearby areas, two well-preserved salt warehouses feature an exhibit of artifacts and materials from the golden age of the Korean salt industry. This 22 m tall Rocking Observatory might come across as frightening at first, especially when it sways in the wind. But once you reach the top of the observatory, the panoramic view simply puts your worries away.

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    Siheung Gaetgol Eco Park → Ansan Multicultural Food Street → Sorae History Museum
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    Siheung Gaetgol Eco Park → Ansan Multicultural Food Street → Sorae History Museum → (Overnight Stay) → Oido Island → Daebudo Island