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Healing Sopung Garden, Baramsae Village in Pyeongtaek


A Waterside Park Designed to Make You Smile Sopung Garden, Baramsae Village in Pyeongtaek
Sopung Garden, Baramsae Village in Pyeongtaek img

“Baramsae Village” was named by taking and combining the first few letters from the three words bada, meaning “sea,” Ramsar Wetland, and cheolsae, meaning “migratory birds.” This catchy name also effectively shows the identity of an eco park built in Jinwicheon Stream. The gentle breeze that caresses your face in Sopung (笑風 meaning “smile in the wind”) Garden is sure to lift your spirits.

Sopung Garden consists of three zones: a campground on the right, themed islands in a pond in the middle, and a wetland on the left. The pond at Sopung Garden has four themed islands interconnected by waterside trail, creating a relaxing atmosphere. “Ewha Garden” is the first island and is known to get covered in a blanket of white pear tree blossoms every spring. At its center, you will find Sopungjeong Pavilion, which offers the best place to witness an excellent view of the park. The other three islands are located next to Ewha Garden in this order: “Rainbow Garden,” “Light Garden,” and “Gigi-Baebe Garden.” Moving from one island to another is highly encouraged, so you can take your time to enjoy the picturesque fountains and sculptures. Lotus Flower Garden is also brimming with water lilies and their vibrant green leaves. Located in its upper part is Jinwicheon Embankment Road—a hidden spot ideal for watching the sunset or cycling (rental bikes available). Apart from these, Sopung Garden is also equipped with a playground with sand, a facility for cypress activities, and a swimming pool (that only opens in summer).

Sopung Garden, Baramsae Village in Pyeongtaek img

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    18, Saeak-gil, Godeok-myeon, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Tel.+82-31-668-4815
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  • One-Day Trip Sopung GardenTrip Sopung Garden, Baramsae Village → Wootdali Culture Village → Pyeongtaek International Central Market
  • Two-Day One-Night TripPyeongtaek International Central Market → Wootdali Culture Village → Sopung Garden, Baramsae Village → (Overnight Stay) → Pyeongtaekho Tourist Complex → Agricultural Museum & Botanical Garden