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Activity Kart Racing in Paju


Rev up the Romance by Speeding Up! Kart Racing in Paju

Paju Speedpark is for those who have the need for speed. Here, you can make your car speed up in a facility that hosts a famous domestic kart racing event more than 5 times a year. This park is the place to go for couples looking to experience speed mania. Paju Speedpark’s racetrack runs at a length of 1.2 km, is 8–11 m in width, and features 12 turns where kart racers drive at neck-breaking speeds.

Paju Speedpark offers two types of karts: leisure karts and racing karts. If it is your first time driving a kart, you can start with a leisure kart, which has a width of 110 cm and a length of 170 cm. Leisure karts can reach a top speed of 50 km/hr. Visitors often think that driving at a speed of 50 km/hr is not thrilling enough, but a leisure kart features a low seat that gives riders a wider view, which makes them feel as if they are driving faster than they actually are. On the other hand, riding a racing kart designed for tournament competitions would be three times more exciting than driving a leisure kart. Drivers can even rent jumpsuits as well as a helmet and gloves. Each ride lasts for 10 min, which allows you to drive 7–8 laps around the track. Riders are advised to drive through the first lap at a slower speed to learn how to navigate around the track. Afterward, drivers can gradually increase their speed. Apart from 1-seater karts, 2-seater karts are also available, which is perfect for visitors who want to ride with a child, who must be 4–8 years old.

  • Address
    42-191, Cheongsong-ro 652beon-gil, Papyeong-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Tel
    +82-31-959-0420 (Paju Speedpark)
  • Operating Hours
    From 09:00 to sunset; open all year round
  • Website
  • One-Day Trip
    Paju Speedpark → Gamaksan Suspension Bridge → Imjingang Yellow Hemp Sailboat
  • Two-Day, One-Night Trip
    Paju Speedpark → Gamaksan Suspension Bridge → Imjingang Yellow Hemp Sailboat → (Overnight Stay) → Imjingang Station, Gyeongui–Jungang Line → Imjingak Pyeonghwa Nuri Park