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Fun but Not Too Obvious Fundamental Brewing Co., Suwon
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Located only 1.4 km away from Yeongtong Station, Bundang Line, Fundamental Brewing Co. is ideal for simple outings in the city. Because this brewery and pub was originally a factory for the production of electronic devices, it has an “industrial style.” The space even calls back to its history with an exhibition of electronic devices on a conveyor belt. The pub, which has high ceilings and tables spaced far apart, and the brewery are separated by a glass wall, so you can enjoy drinking beer while watching how another batch matures in the brewery’s aging tank. Despite all these industrial characteristics, the place is still reminiscent of a park with numerous green elements. In fact, behind the building is Yeongheung Park, and you can see a forest as you peek through a window facing north. Meanwhile, the sliding doors on the other side will remain open in summer to let in the fragrance of the flower garden. This is the perfect place for relaxation in the city. You can simply take time off from your busy life and chill out in a laid-back environment while enjoying a glass of beer. It is also a great place for day drinking paired with a brunch menu of your choice.

The taste of its beer is as “fundamental” as the name of the brewery suggests. This name has dual meanings: “fundamental” and “fun the mental,” which emphasizes a craft beer lifestyle that focuses on the basics but remains experimental. The head brewer, Kim Janghui, imbues his philosophy into his creations. In particular, “Haetae (Pilsner)” is named by combining his children’s initials so that he does not lose sight of his original intention, and “Asura (Imperial White Stout)” is made by adding coffee and cacao nibs to malt as a base. Although it does not offer a regular brewery tour program, a group of more than 4 people can take part in an (irregular) brewery tour for free upon reservation. You can even talk to the brewers about the beer brewing process in a laid-back environment. Besides the beer, it also offers meal options, such as “Hot Chili Lasagna,” and lunch menus including coffee and sandwiches.

Fundamental Brewing Co., Suwon img

  • Address
    61, Maeyeong-ro 269beon-gil, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Operating Hours
    11:00–23:00, closed on Mondays
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  • Directions
    Get off at Yeongtong Station, Bundang Line. → Walk 800 m straight ahead from Exit 7. → Turn right toward your two o’clock at KDHC Junction and walk 450 m. → Arrive at Fundamental Brewing Co.