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The Perfect Place for House-Made Beer Magic Tree Brewery, Yongin
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Magic Tree Brewery is furnished with chairs and tables seemingly glowing under dim yellow lights, giving its interior a Western feel in perfect harmony with the Oriental scenery of the outdoor lotus field. The brewery’s fascinating combination of the East and West makes you feel as if you were up on a “magic tree.”

The first floor houses a beer brewery, while the second floor serves as a pub selling house-made beer. Even though you cannot enter the brewery to witness how beer is made, you can still observe the process through the glass windows by the stairs in the pub. Just like an open kitchen in a restaurant, this brewery invites you to see how brewers produce beer and how reliable their beer is. In the meantime, the pub offers various delectable dishes, such as steaks, pasta, and pizzas cooked on a fire pit instead of an oven. You can pair any of them with freshly brewed beer from the brewery. Magic Tree Brewery’s house-made beer is only available at its because it has yet to invest in beer distribution. In the pub, you can use flat-rate coupons to choose your preferred beer and how much beer you want. You are given the opportunity to try the most appealing product and take it home in a transparent bottle, which makes the beer’s color easy to check. You can also spend your time checking out the color differences among various types of beer.

Magic Tree Brewery, Yongin img

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    39, Baengnyeong-ro, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
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    Enter Yongin IC, Yeongdong Expressway. → Drive 1 km to Baegok-daero, Yongin. → Turn right at Beodeusil Sageori, and drive 2 km to Jijangsil Village. → Turn right at Yurim 1 Junction, and drive 0.1 km to Pogok-eup. → Arrive at Magic Tree Brewery.