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Healing Valleys Along the Seokhyeoncheon Stream in Yangju


An Amazing Holiday Destination with Nearby Tourist Attractions, Including the Jangheung Tourist Area Valleys Along the Seokhyeoncheon Stream in Yangju

Relatively close to Seoul, Seokhyeoncheon Stream flows through Jangheung-myeon, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do. At Iryeong Valley’s entrance, it meets Gongneungcheon Stream, which flows into Hangang River. Visitors can view the flowing stream at Jangheung Tourist Area in the valley’s upper part. This area refers to a hill around the valley where Seokhyeoncheon Stream flows between Hwangsaebong and Aengmubong Peaks on its left and Iryeongbong Peak on its right with Gaemyeongsan Mountain (565 m) at the center.

The “Campground next to a Museum” on the upper part of Seokhyeoncheon Stream is the perfect place to camp in the arms of nature. A branch of Seokhyeoncheon Stream flows around the campground, so you can take a walk in a laid-back environment. Next to the campground, a vast lawn sprawls out around Yangju City Chang Ucchin Museum of Art. You can even find a great picnic spot in a nearby area, where you can spend quality time with your children while taking pictures and dipping your hands and feet into the water.

After exploring, relax at the cozy restaurants and lovely cafés that are lined up along the upper part of the valley. As can be seen, the upper part of Seokhyeoncheon Stream is brimming with various must-visit places, including a sculpture park, Gana Art Park, Yangju City Chang Ucchin Museum of Art, and Songam Observatory, Songam Space Center, Tomb of General Gwon Yul, and Jangheung Natural Arboretum.

  • Address
    (Jangheung Tourist Information Center), 194, Gwonyul-ro, Jangheung-myeon, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Tel
    +82-31-8082-5650 (Division of Culture and Tourism, Yangju City Hall)
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  • One-Day Trip(to enjoy activities with elementary and middle school students)
    Seokhyeoncheon Stream → Songam Observatory, Songam Space Centernter
  • Two-Day, One-Night Trip(for family camping)
    Seokhyeoncheon Stream → Jangheung Tourist Area → Camping → Hoeamsa Temple Site, Nari Park