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Healing Eobi Valley in Gapyeong


A Beautiful Valley Filled with Biwa Trout Eobi Valley in Gapyeong

Eobi Valley is approximately three km long, starting from Okcheon-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun. Eobi literally means “fish that fly,” and the name came from the fact that fish once crossed the mountain during a flood. Because Eobisan Mountain stands between Bukhangang and Namhangang Rivers, legend says that when it pours during the rainy season, the nearby area becomes submerged in water, and the fish fly over the mountain to return to the mainstream, Hangang River.

The water from Eobi Valley meets that of Yumyeongsan Valley at Hapso Auto Campground. Besides this spot, the valley also has numerous other campgrounds and mountain cabins. If you wish to experience chabak, one of these campgrounds or mountain cabins would be a great option because their fences will block public access to most parts of the valley. Meanwhile, if you walk along the valley, you will find a bridge in the middle through which you can access the stream. As such, this a great place to park your car, get some rest, and take in the scenery. At the entrance to the valley, a culture village also offers you places for swimming with your kids as the stream from the valley creates a pond.

Eobi Valley is particularly known for its clean water, which can be attributed to the villagers’ efforts. You will find joy in watching trout, Biwa trout, and catfish swimming about.

  • Address
    (Entrance to Eobi Valley), 17-1, Yumyeongsan-gil, Seorak-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
  • Tel
    +82-31-582-8830 (Gapyeong Tourist Information Center)
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  • One-Day Trip (for families with kids)
    Eobi Valley (for swimming) → Petite France (to enjoy performances and other activities)
  • Two-Day, One-Night Trip (for small groups)
    Eobi Valley (for swimming) → (Overnight stay at a nearby pension) → Skyline Zipwire)