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here's a new trend these days in Korea, and it's called “Newtro”. It's a combination of the words “New” and “Retro” which essentially means bringing retro styles back.


There's a new trend these days in Korea, and it's called “Newtro”. It's a combination of the words “New” and “Retro” which essentially means bringing retro styles back. With this trend and theme in mind, Everland jumped in and decorated an area of their theme park with a 1950 - 1980 rollerskate theme. With the slogan “back to the days of rollerskates”, they have many photo spots, events as well as perks available!

Rollercoaster in Everland - Fun, Photos, and Reminiscence

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Unique Photospots!

Within the park, there are a total of 5 different photo spots in Everland that carry the theme. You can check out the map on their main website and head to those spots for photos. These spots are 1) Large Pink Roller Skates, 2) Pink Car, 3) Police Car, 4) Performance Stage and 5) Photo Houses. You can find them along the same stretch of road with the rides Double Rock Spin and Let's Twist.

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The designs are very classy and they look very chic. It's definitely an interesting concept to have, especially within a theme park. When you get there, you can see that the entire area fits the theme of going back to the past. The Photo Houses, called Newtro Houses, come in 3 different designs: a Bedroom, a Kitchen and Living Room. On top of that, since it's sponsored by Coca Cola, there's also a vintage CocaCola bar.
Great places for unique photos and a lot of fun reminiscing about the days of rollerskates.

Fun Event with Prizes!
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When you are in the area, you'll notice many stands around with a Mission Card. Within the Mission Card, you have to visit a total of 11 spots and get stamps from these places. All of them fall within the same theme. Each of these attractions have a little booth with a stamp which you can add to your Mission Card.

Once you have collected at least 5 stamps, you can bring it back to the counter where the rollerskates diner (KFC) is, and you can get a coin to use in a crane machine. Within the crane machine, if you're skillful enough to get a prize, you can exchange it for one of the several prizes available (which all happen to fall under the same theme, too!)

It was a really huge event and there were so many people participating in it. It was really interesting to walk around and feel like you're part of a movie set from the 70s. Everything fits into the theme, even the lights, traffic lights, signboards, rides, and up to the restaurant, you just feel like you've gone back in time.

On top of that, the food sold within this area goes into the theme of the past as well! As you walk around, you'll see many of the street snacks of Korean past everywhere. It's a great opportunity to try some of them!

Double the Excitement
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During the event period, the rides within this area offer a 1+1 ride event. This means that you will be given the opportunity to ride it twice in one go. From 2pm to 5pm on weekdays only! Double Rock Spin, Rolling X-Train and Let's Twist will provide these perks!

If you’re visiting Everland during the event period, make sure to take note of this! It will also serve you well to go on a weekday where there are less people and thus the lines will not be as long.

You can choose to have lunch in the KFC here as well, as the restaurant has a theme of a 70s disco diner where the seats, tables, walls, and counters are decorated with plump cushions, records along the walls, a jukebox machine, and a mini song list on the table. All in all it was a really interesting experience, and of course, since you're already in Everland for the fun rides, why not enjoy such events as well that would bring a little more joy to your trip!

Everland (Rollercoaster Event)

Address : 199 Everland-ro, Pogok-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yonggin, Gyeonggi-do
Number: +82-31-320-5000
Operating Hours: Daily 10:00 - 21:00 (Timings vary based on season)
Directions (105 minutes)
Take the train to Gangnam Station (Line 2) Exit 4 and board Bus 5002. Ride for 30 minutes and get off at Everland. From the bus stop, walk to the Everland Shuttle Bus area and take the shuttle bus to the ticketing counter .
Best Time to Visit
You may visit Everland anytime, but this event is only held from 1st November ~ 1st December 2019. Dates may vary during different years.
People to go with
A great place to go with friends, family or your partner.