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Come on over to Siheung, a playground for young people

The wind is shaking the autumn leaves outside the window. The sky over there is so blue. You want to go somewhere, but you can’t think of a good place. At this time, a quick fix is needed. It’s trying to go anywhere “with a light mind.” But to where? How about going to Siheung filled with items for the youth, such as Shinsegae Siheung Premium Outlet where you can do shopping as if you were in a foreign street, lay around in the comics café, laugh while playing VR games, and watch the setting sun at the red lighthouse of Oido while imagining the fantastic view of Bali Beach?


Tour Course

Shinsegae Siheung Premium Outlet → 5.96, 15 minutes by car → Nolsoop Siheung Jeongwang shop → 2.21, 6 minutes by car → Letspot Jeongwang shop → 4.36, 11 minutes by car → Red lighthouse in Oido


1. I am visiting Spain for a moment - Shinsegae Siheung Premium Outlet

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If an ordinary outlet sells products at discounted prices, a premium outlet is a themed shopping mall where you can enjoy shopping in a place that’s more luxurious than a department store. As a representative distribution company of Korea, the Shinsegae Group introduced the concept of Premium Outlet in Korea when it opened its Yeoju Branch in 2007. Since then, the company has opened premium outlets in Paju and Busan as well as a more special premium outlet in Siheung in April 2017 in celebration of the 10th anniversary of opening of the first premium outlet. Siheung Premium Outlet is a composite shopping space emphasizing the playing culture.  

The interior and exterior of the building constructed with the motif of a coastal village in Spain look very exotic. We come to believe that the scenery of a Spanish village will be like that even if we have never been to Spain. From the outside, the building standing high on a large site reminds one of a magnificent palace. The rectangular shape of the building looks like a fortress, and another building was built on the central corridor to look like a village inside the fortress. The outside building and the building in the center are connected with a cross-over bridge, and the space between the two buildings has become a kind of alley. The signposts and streetlights installed in each block make the place more like a village. In the afternoon, a mini train that looks like a steam locomotive runs across the alley on the first floor. Men and women of all ages can ride the train, which starts in front of the Bean Pole shop on the first floor.

The three-story building accommodates almost all local and foreign brands including men’s and women’s wear, children’s wear, home appliances, and electronic goods as well as bookstore, photo studio, sports equipment, and car accessories. There are resting areas and playgrounds here and there in the building. The central garden with a resting area is located at the front part of the building on the first floor. The sky garden for picnic and the rooftop field for futsal play are on the third floor. In Taste Village on the first floor are various kinds of food shops from luxurious domestic and foreign restaurants to simple noodle shops. Outside the building are places for children and pets such as Pet Park, playground for children that looks like a small amusement park, and small merry-go-round, adding to the exotic atmosphere.

Time flies while looking around the place eating and taking a rest. It’s what makes travel fun. You can come back to Spain in Siheung whenever you want. It’s important to spend appropriate time at each place considering the traffic line of travel. Refer to the website before visiting the place for the s of the shops of different brands, information about the restaurants, sale events, and news about the nearby tourist attractions.  


Address: 699, Seohaean-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do


Operating hours: 10:30~21:00, Closed on Lunar New Year’s Day and Chuseok


2. Take a rest hiding in the comic books,  Nolsoop of Siheung Jeongwang branch

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When it gets cold, we feel like lying down on the warm floor doing nothing. It will be uncomfortable doing so at home because other family members are present. In such case, the perfect place is Nolsoop where you can read comic books while lying down on the heated floor and covering myself with a blanket. Nolsoop is a word coined by combining Norway and soop, which means forest in Korean, and stands for Norwegian forest cat. If you are reminded of a forest with fresh air and a cat dozing on a sunny day in a hideout by the words Norway and cat, Nolsoop is a resting place that you need right now.

Entering Nolsoop, you will be refreshed by the bright lighting and the unobstructed interior. The bookshelf reaching almost up to the ceiling is filled with books, and the seats on the wooden floor provide a comfortable space. Even if you don’t hide in the room, all the seats in the hall are separated by compartments to secure a private space for each person. You can hide on the seat below the stairways, the space beside the bookshelf, or other empty spaces here and there in the building like a cat that makes a space for its own crouching.  

What is as noticeable as the interior is the menu where the names of various kinds of dishes are written including Tteokbokki, waffle, salad, sandwich, Jajangmyeon, and risotto. There are also various kinds of beverages such as handmade fruit ade, smoothie, fresh fruit juice, and Frappuccino. The items in the menu of Nolsoop are price-competitive. Though its basic concept is a comics café, the place may become your favorite food shop. You pay the full price when you go out of the place after returning the key of the shoe locker at the exit.   

Nolsoop can be a library, a study room or a comics café and also a restaurant, a coffee shop, or a game room. Nolsoop is a real composite cultural space where you can do anything you want. You can just take off your watch and turn off your cell phone and take a rest in your hideout whenever you want to do so. The place can be used as a resting place in your daily life or as a place where you stay for a couple of hours during your travel.


Address: 197, Jungsimsangga-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do


Operating hours: 10:00~23:00, all year round

Admission: KRW 2,400 per hour

3. I wonder how you play VR games – Letspot Jeongwang shop

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How do we play Virtual Reality (VR) games? We play VR games with a computer wearing a headset called Head Mounted Display (HMD). Installed on the headset close to the eyes is a small image equipment that projects 3D images using time difference. The VR can make you feel as if you were in a 3D space using the Gyro sensor, which traces the movement of the user, the rendering function that makes images according to the movement, etc.

It is a perfect place for a date among young people as the VR games can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages regardless of seasons and weather conditions. Letspot Jeongwang shop is a multigame pub equipped with various sports game facilities. The large monitor and ultra-high-speed computer VR system can offer clearer pictures and higher program speed. You can play various sports games including archery, shooting, and dart.  

Letspot Jeongwang shop has 14 games that can be played by anyone older than 7 years of age and 2 VR studios. You can feel the thrill of VR games that cannot be experienced in real life by playing Beat Saber, which involves catching the rhythm image with a light saber according to music, Acrophobia  while enjoying the thrill walking on a high board, and rollercoaster while feeling with your whole body seated on a chair. People playing VR games wearing a headset are excited over the games, and onlookers are laughing at the sight of them moving awkwardly wearing devices.  

The space of archery is blocked with tempered glass so it is possible to compete with another person like a real game using the individual monitors that can be used for multi-play. Every game is exciting: the shooting game, which is done with real BB shots; the Pitching game, which is done by kicking real balls into the screen; and the dart game, which makes you excited with the big sound coming out whether you hit the target or not.   


Address: 49, Jungsimsangga-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do


Operating hours: Weekdays 15:00~02:00, Weekends 13:00~03:00, all year round

Admission: VR game (20 minutes) KRW 6,000, Archery KRW 4,000, Shooting KRW 3,000  

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4. Finish your travel with the fantastic sunset – The red lighthouse in Oido

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The sunset in Oido is referred to as one of the 9 best sceneries in Siheung. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset anywhere on West Coast, but each place has a different charm. Thus, you will feel as if something important is missing if you don’t appreciate the sunset in Oido while traveling in Siheung.

Go to the red lighthouse if you want to see the impressive sunset in Oido. The lighthouse was opened in 2006 for tourists. It has become the landmark of Siheung beyond the area of Oido. The red color looks impressive during daytime, and the color changes to orange at the time of sunset, reflecting the glow of the setting sun. At night, the lighthouse makes different scenes while being harmonized with the lights around the place. It is enough just to look at the setting sun and the sea standing blankly, but you will feel happier if you take a walk around the red lighthouse while waiting for the sunset.  

There are several facilities near the lighthouse that will catch your eye. The one-story building beside the lighthouse, which looks like an exhibition hall, is Baraji Shop, which opened in 2018. It is not a snack corner but an exhibition shop displaying more than 40 kinds of specially designed local products produced by companies located in Siheung containing the stories and flavor of Siheung. The seaside trail was constructed including the site of the lighthouse. It is a 2.2 trail constructed from 2012 to 2013 as part of the Oido Ocean Front project. The trail begins at the ship-based observatory of Oido for the appreciation of the seashore onboard a ship connected to Sunset Song Observatory, Lighthouse Observatory, Life Tree Observatory, and Baedari Dock. The trail is good for walking slowly while singing of the romance of the sea and the lighthouse.

The place you shouldn’t miss during your stroll on the seaside trail is Life Tree Observatory, which is an 8m tall large tree sculpture showing the history, life, and traces of man in Oido. The floor of the deck and Life Tree are lit around sunset time. You can walk slowly to Life Tree Observatory before sunset and return to the lighthouse and watch the sun setting over Songdo New City on the opposite side of the sea. Standing on the final place of your travel looking at the disappearing sun and its red traces left between the sea and the sky, you will feel the joy of travel better than in any other foreign destination.


Address: 175, Oido-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-

Tel.:+82- 31-319-0205

Operating hours: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

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1. While in Siheung, you are advised to take time to walk along Neumnae-gil, which is composed of the forest trail, tide way, and old trail. You will be able to see the red lighthouse of Oido, Prehistoric Relics Park, Tidal Ecology Park, Rock-carved Standing Bodhisattva in Mt, Soraesan, and Jeongwang Lake Park as the representative natural and cultural places of Siheung.  

2. The bicycle rental shop is located at the entrance of Baedari Dock near the end point of Oido Ocean Front Trail. You can enjoy bicycle riding along the bicycle road on the seashore located below the walking trail. Nearby places that are good for visiting while riding on a bicycle are Oido Prehistoric Relics Park, Deokseom Island, and Okgu Park.   


Public Transportation Information

[Subway] Exit #2 of Oido Station of Seoul Subway Line No. 4. Take intra-city bus No. 23 at the bus stop of Oido Station and get off at the bus stop of Shinsegae Siheung Premium Outlet. Travel time is about 15 minutes.



Driving Information

Yeongdong Expressway → Wolgot JC → 3rd Gyeongin Expressway → Jeongwang IC → Shinsegae Siheung Premium Outlet