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Healing Sentimental Instinct: A Photo Tour of Namyangju


Left: An open view of Sujongsa Temple/ Right: 'Sentimental Instinct: A Photo Tour of Namyangju' is written.



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Time Spent: 8 hours / Estimated Cost: 50,000 won / Recommended Visiting Season: Summer and Fall 

Recommended Route: Nungnae Station - Dasan Historic Site/Dasan Ecological Park - Gamnamujip - Garden of Water - Sujongsa Temple - Killing Dongchimi Noodles

[Course Introduction]

One weekend morning, I was scrolling through SNS as usual, suddenly all the photos seemed so similar - boring photos of café, eating show, and shopping. I thought about what else more different and interesting would be, and then I decided to go on a spontaneous trip. The perfect weather didn’t let me be stuck in my room and felt like all of photos I took could be the best ever. Thus, I departed for Namyangju at first, which I had always wanted to visit before.

[Nungnae Station]

A front view of the old Nungnae Station 

Left: there are small vintage props at Nungnae Station./ Middle: a clean indoor with wooden walls and tables. / Right: a picture of a kind of members of The Beatles. 

I arrived at Nungnae Station early in the morning. Here and there, many small vintage props could be found; thus, there were so many good spots to take pictures. I took a selfie in front of black and white photographs and another in front of the ticket booth. It looked like an ideal for some retro-feeling photographs. The sight of this graceful train station set against the backdrop of the azure sky and the smell of fresh morning air awoke in me the excitement of traveling.

Looking at the old-fashioned views hard to see these days around this abandoned station, I couldn’t help pressing the camera shutter. No matter who take photos here, every shots become a work of art. I wished places like Nungnae Station could remain intact for a long time, but it’s a pity that such places are gradually being replaced by new buildings.  There was a bike rental shop next to the station, so I decided to go on a brief bike ride. Out of a desire to fill myself with the freshness of the morning, I pedaled with gusto.


Suggestions for Taking Great Pictures

-Take a selfie in front of the steps leading up to the station. You’ll love it! 

-Take the beautiful blue sky and the classic station together in one frame. Everyone comments about it on your Instagram!

-A background of mail box makes you cuter!

Basic Information 

Opening Hours: Always Open

Admission: Free

Time Spent: Around 1 hour

Address: 566-5 Dasan-ro, Joan-myeon, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

[Garden of Water]

An open view of a huge yellow cosmos flower field.

Left: the lotus flowers not bloomed yet. / Middle: a photo zone with a picture frame. / Right: a huge yellow cosmos flower field.


First of all, this place was way better than I expected. The name Garden of Water evoked an image of a water-themed park literally. In reality, however, it was closer to a waterside park. The fuzzy boundary between water and land gave the park a dreamlike feeling, and the highlights were the lotus flower field and cosmos flower field. I’ve never seen such a magnificent flower fields spread over the whole garden.  

The lotus flowers haven’t bloomed yet, but I could imagine what a splendid scenery it would be by just looking at the size. Standing on a narrow path snaking through the cosmos flower field that looks like yellow paint someone spilled on it, I took selfies and captured a panorama of it. The tranquil riverside and the wide field of flowers created a gorgeous landscape as a watercolor painting before my eyes.

Almost of visitors are couples and I felt jealous of it a little bit, but on that day I preferred to be alone. I wanted to wander around to my heart’s content and keep everything in my eyes.


Suggestions for Taking Great Pictures

Take photos in the flower fields or at the entrance of the fields with a part of the river! They would be beautiful and pretty shots! 


Basic Information

Opening Hours: Always Open 

Admission: Free 

Time Spent: Around 1 hour 

Address: 398, Bukhangang-ro, Joan-myeon, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

[Sujongsa Temple]

An open view of Sujongsa Temple

Left: an clean wooden indoor of  Sujongsa Temple./ Middle: a part of street in Sujongsa Temple. / Right: the tea cups and tea pot used in Sujongsa Temple


I arrived at Sujongsa Temple after a long climb up the mountain. As I was climbing up the mountain, I wondered to myself whether the temple would be worth the effort. After looking at the sight that unfolded in front of me, however, all my initial doubts disappeared in a flash. It was such a splendid view that I could not capture everything with my camera. There was a yellow spot far away that I recognized immediately to be the Garden of Water that I had photographed earlier. It was really funny that the huge garden now looked so small from atop the mountain.  


There was a house that looked like a teahouse; as I looked at it somewhat timidly, a person inside gestured at me to come in. This building was Samjeongheon, where visitors could experience tea ceremonies. And it was completely free! They say Dasan Jeong Yak-yong and Chusa Kim Jeong-hee came here often for its excellent tea, brewed from a nearby spring water. It was so good to enjoy the scenery below while having the fragrant green tea. What a peaceful life without any concern, isn’t it? 


After drinking tea at the Samjeongheon, which had relaxed my mind, I looked around Sujongsa Temple and came across a ginkgo tree planted by King Sejo from the Joseon Period. I could feel the strength of the years in this ginkgo tree, and I took a selfie in front of the tree. In terms of the scenery and atmosphere, this was really one of the best places I had visited in my life that I wanted to keep to myself.


Suggestions for Taking Great Pictures

Wherever you see the scenery will be beautiful. The higher you come up the stairs, however, the better pictures you can take.

Basic Information

Opening Hours: Always Open (Samjeongheon 10:00 ~ 17:00)

Admission: Free

Time Spent: Around 1.5 hours

Address: 186, Bukhangang-ro 433beon-gil Joan-myeon, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Phone: +82-31-576-8411

Note: Please not to arrive too early or leave to late considering a circumstance of a temple. 



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 [Dasan Historic Site/ Dasan Ecological Park]  

An entrance of Dasan Historic Site

Left: A front view of Dasan Historic Site. / Middle: a bronze statue of Dasan. / Right: a bronze sculpture of book at Dasan Ecological Park.


I visited the Dasan Historic Site because it was not far from Nungnae Station. I hesitated for a moment because it was a historic site, but it offered more interesting things to see than I expected. In particular, Yeoyudang, which is birth home of Dasan, was a building that looked plain but exuded strength at the same time. Dasan Memorial Hall is worth a visit to learn lots of the accomplishments of Dasan briefly.

As I followed the riverside, I arrived at Dasan Ecological Park, a quiet and peaceful place. With my camera, I took an “emotional shots” along with the naturally grown flowers and trees.


Basic Information
Opening Hours: 09:00 ~ 18:00 / Closed on Lunar New Year's day, Chuseok Holiday

Admission: Free 

Time Spent: Around 1 hour

Address: 11, Dasan-ro 747beon-gil Joan-myeon, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do
Phone: +82-31-590-2481



A proper table of the roasted thick eels

left: a front view of Gamnamujip./ Middle: the roasted thick eels/ Right: the roasted thick eels wrapped in sesame leaf.

Since I took this journey for myself, I decided to indulge myself and enjoy some eels for lunch. It was quite expensive, however, just looking at the roasted thick eels in delicious seasoning with the breathtaking view from the restaurant was worth it. Most of the diners came with their families, and I made a mental note to bring my family next time. But on this day, I enjoyed this sumptuous feast for myself.

This restaurant was already well-known in this area for its eels, and my meal was impeccably delicious. Still, I could not help but wonder why the owner chose eels when they were not even caught in this area. The secret of this restaurant was its jang, a kind of sauce. The owner, who had his own secret methods for making soy sauce and Korean chili paste, began his roasted eel business after coming up with recipes based on jang. Only then did I understand why the seasoning contained salt, soy sauce, and Korean chili paste. The plump eel itself was excellent, but with the jang, the natural taste of the eel became much deeper and more tasty, and the wonderful view around made it perfect.


Basic Information
Opening Hours: 11:00 ~ 21:30 / Closed on Lunar New Year's day, Chuseok Holiday

Recommendation for 1 person: soy sauce 

glazed grilled eel (KRW 38,000), extra bowl of rice (KRW 1,000)

Address: 45, Dasan-ro 747beon-gil Joan-myeon, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Phone: +82-31-576-8263


[Killing Dongchimi Noodles]

a bowl of killing Dongchimi Noodles and dumplings.


left: a front view of Killing Dongchimi Noodles./ middle: dongchimi noodles and dumplings. / right: spicy noodles  mixed with buckwheat jelly.


I had to laugh after reading the name. How delicious it must be to have “Killing” attached to its name. I ordered the dish with some dubiousness; the moment I tasted the dongchimi broth, however, I slurped down the entire bowl without lifting my head. The taste of the dish filled my mouth with happiness. Recalling the savory yet sweet and sour taste of the dongchimi broth still makes my mouth water.


I must have grabbed the last available dongchimi noodles because there are guests turning back when they were told the restaurant had run out of them for that day. I asked the owner, and she said it takes about a month to age the dongchimi properly, so she can only sell in limited quantities per day. I was lucky enough not to leave with an empty stomach after coming all the way to Namyangju. It made such a pleasant end of my day!

Basic Information

Opening Hours: 10:00 ~ 20:30 / Closed on Lunar New Year’s Day

Recommendation for 1 person: noodles in radish water kimchi broth (KRW 7,000), dumplings (KRW 7,000), acorn jelly salad (15,000 won)

Address: 547, Bukhangang-ro Joan-myeon, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Phone: +82+31-576-4070



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[Course Guide]

1. Bring a small possession for special memories

- Take pictures with a personal possession you value or a photograph of your loved ones.

- Take pictures with the souvenirs you bought at the tourist site.

2. Filming equipment that you should bring

- For taking photos more conveniently: selfie stick, extra batteries

- For creating more interesting images: digital camera, camera APP