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Scenic Beauty Car-Free BMW Travel Course [Hwaseong]


an image of sunset of Gukhwado and 'colored with a sweet love story in "We Got Married", a TV program' is written on it.

Quick View of the Course

An image of tourist attractions around Gungpyeonghang Port.


* How to get to Gungpyeonghang Port

- Bus from Seosin Terminal in Hwaseong to Gungpyeonghang Port (No. 400, No. 400-2, No. 990 (Approx. 20 minutes))

- Take bus No. 1002 at the bus stop near Exit 4 of Sadang Station on the line 4 to go directly to Seosin Terminal. (Approx. 1 hour 40 minutes)


   How to get to Gungpyeonghang Port

- Take bus No. 400, No. 400-2 or No. 990 near Exit 7 of Suwon Station of Subway Line No. 1 (Approx. 2 hours 10 minutes.)


* From Gungpyeonghang Port to Gukhwado Island

The ticket office is in a remodeled container for Seohae(Yellow Sea) ferry at the entrance to the Gungpyeonghang Port breakwater. You will need to present your ID to buy a ferry ticket, which costs KRW 20,000 for a round trip. The ferry timetable differs in the peak and off seasons. It takes about 40 minutes to get to Gukhwado Island. The return trip takes about 1 hour as the ferry also stops at Ippado Island.


* Inquiries about ferry times at Gungpyeonghang Port (Seohae(Yellow Sea) ferry No.1: +82-31-356-9387)

- Peak season (April ~ October): Departure at 09:00, 11:00, 14:00 and 16:00

- Off season (November ~ March): Departure at 09:00, 11:00 and 15:00  



- Do you want to create some special memories with your sweetheart enjoying a sea fishing??

- Do you want to eat fresh raw fish and seafood?



You don’t have to travel so far if you fancy a lovely date on a small island. Located in the coastal waters of Hwaseong, Gukhwado Island is a small island where you can take an impromptu, hassle-free trip. Although it takes only an hour to look around the whole island on foot, there are many charming places such as Dojiseom Island and Maebakseom Island, which are connected by paths at low tide to a small beach, a little lighthouse, and an observatory with a beautiful open view of the sea.

If you feel like doing something new rather than a plain old date in downtown, a sea fishing date is highly recommended. There are many quiet spots where you can enjoy fishing and dating. The island became popular after appearing in the TV entertainment program We Got Married, so a visit to the shooting s could also be fun.

Gungpyeonghang Port is also a good dating course. After leaving Gukhwado Island, enjoy a coffee in the observatory café while admiring the view of the sea and watching the famous Gungpyeong sunset. You can also enjoy the fresh seasonal seafood at cheap prices at the Gungpyeonghang Port Seafood Market. A tour of Gungpyeonghang Port and Gukhwado Island is recommended for anyone seeking a leisurely and compact trip for a night and two days.

people are giving snacks to the seagulls.


- Walking from Gukhwado Island to Maebakseom Island along the sea path at low tide

- Appreciating the sunset at Gungpyeonghang Port

such a beautiful sky with sunset of Gungpyeonghang Port

<Introduction of the Course>----------------------------------------------------------


Seonjangne home meal-style restaurant,
a copious home meal guaranteed to fill your stomach

Seonjangne home meal-style restaurant, situated about 3 minutes-walk from the dock, serves a generous Korean set menu with abundant neat and delicious seasonal seafood, just like a home meal. All the vegetables and seafood on the table are grown or caught locally in and around the island. The house is popular with people who visit the island frequently, including anglers. It’s open mainly on weekends, so advance reservation is required if you wish to eat there on a weekday.  

a simple but warm table of Seonjangne home meal-style restaurant.

- Address: 26-1, Gukhwa-gil, Ujeong-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

- Tel.: +82-10-3099-6074

- Opening Hours: Breakfast, lunch and dinner available on weekends; advance reservation required for weekdays.  

- Menu: Home meal KRW 8,000

Course 2.

Dojiseom Island
, a place you can visit at low tide only

Gukhwado Island is a flat and long island without cars. It is adjacent to Dojiseom Island in the southwest and to Maebakseom Island in the northeast, and it’s possible to walk from one island to another at low tide. It takes about an hour to walk around the island by following the ridge and the beach. At low tide, it takes about 5 minutes to walk across the mudflat to Dojiseom Island. But at high tide, you have to walk over a small hill along the ridge of the island, which takes around 20 minutes. The sand road which connects Gukhwado Island and Dojiseom Island is submerged beneath the seawater for a while during the peak hours of high tide, making it impossible to cross the sea on foot. You are sure to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of this island as you walk along the path with your loves.
An open view of Dojiseom Island.

Course 3.

Maebakseom Island,
open the Miracle Sea Route

If you walk from Dojiseom Island along the ridge of the hill on Gukhwado Island for about 30 minutes, you will reach the beach again. The path across the ridge is flat and easy to walk along. You will certainly feel very refreshed by the unobstructed view of the sea in all directions. At the end of the ridge there are a toilet and an observatory, with the coast unfolding below. The island connected with the coast by a series of scattered rocks is Maebakseom Island. The path is submerged at ordinary times and is revealed only at low tide, making it more exciting. The rocks connecting Maebakseom Island are popular with anglers. Be careful if you cross the sea to Maebakseom Island as the path can disappear beneath the rising tide in no time at all.

An open view of Maebakseom Island

Course 4.

Gukhwado Island Beach,
paddle in the sea with beautiful scenery

The eastern coast of Gukhwado Island is a tidy sandy beach where you will find many shells and hidden rocks. It is a good place to paddle in the sea and take photos. There’s also a two-story observatory in the pine forest on a hill to the south of the beach, from which you can see Jebudo Island, Hwaseong City, and Dangjin City on the far horizon. 

There are many accommodations and restaurants near the beach, and many of the accommodations also run a restaurant. It’s best to take a lodging on the beach side of Gukhwado Island if you want to enjoy sea bathing or swimming in the summer. Every restaurant is equipped with a spacious terrace beside the beach where you can enjoy a nice meal with an ocean view.

Left: a front view of Gukhwado Island Beach/ Right: the sand of Gukhwado Island Beach.

Course 5.

Bada Pension
, one night with a view of the sea

The Bada Pension is large and has various kinds of guest rooms extending to the ridge of the hill. Though they are not as cozy or charming as the couple pensions in the destination of couples, you can see the sea from the window, and the guest rooms on the ridge have a particularly good view. Also there is a room, ideal for you, with a very large window through which you can see Maebakseom Island.

A beautiful open view from Bada Pension.

- Address: 67-2, Gukhwa-gil, Ujeong-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

- Tel.: +82-31-357-0748

- Room rate: From KRW 60,000 for 4 persons at off season

Course 6.

Gungpyeonghang Port Seafood Market,
select and eat fresh seafood!

The return trip to Gungpyeonghang Port from Gukhwado Island via Ippado Island takes about an hour in total. When you get back, there’s one place you really should visit - the seafood market operated by the Gungpyeong Fishing Village. Fresh seafood fills the water tanks of the restaurants, each of which is named after one of the local fishing boats. If you choose any kind of seafood you want to eat, the restaurant staff will slice and prepare raw fish for you to eat, and you will pay the price of the seasoning and side dishes, which is called the table setting cost. (The table setting cost is KRW 2,000 per person and the price of the spicy fish stew is additional KRW 10,000.) The place is usually packed with people who come for the fresh seafood at reasonable prices.

left: the spicy fish stew / Right: a plate of fresh raw fish.

- Address: 1049-24, Gungpyeonghang-ro, Seosin-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

- Tel.: +82-31-355-9692

Course 7.

Gungpyeonghang Port,
a romantic place with the sun sets spread out the whole sky

Gungpyeong-ri village is famous for the beautiful glow of the setting sun. When the sun sets beyond the islands along the West Coast, both sky and sea turn a deep red. The fishing boats scattered on the red sea and the seagulls trying to find a place to sleep add to the twilit mood created by the setting sun. There is a sunset observatory deck stretched long towards the sea near the breakwater. Photographers sometimes take photos of the setting sun together with the observatory deck in the photo. You can finish your gentle tour of the island with a wonderful moment watching the beautiful sunset at Gungpyeonghang Port together with your loved one.

a silhouette of a couple looking to the sunset.



<Useful Tips>-----------------------------------------------------------------


Useful Tips for Walking Tourists


Tip 1. Savor the unforgettable aroma of deep-fried prawns and swimming crab

There are lots of “cart bars” in the parking lot of Gungpyeonghang Port and on the breakwater that sell various kinds of seafood snacks including grilled prawns and deep-fried swimming crab that exude the salty-sweet scent of the sea. You will not be able to resist the deep-fried baby swimming crab or the tiny Japanese ghost crab, and you can eat even its yummy shell.

Tip 2. Feeding seagulls

It is also interesting to give chips to seagulls on your way to the island. Ludicrous? You will not be able to ignore the seagulls that follow the boat. So there is always a vendor who sells chips on the boat. The time of 40 minutes passes quickly while seeing the seagulls that snatch the chips sharply from the hand.


Tip 3. Sea fishing challenge!

You will have to fight with wild waves on an uneven rock on the seashore or on a boat tossing on the waves in order to catch fish at sea! Many anglers can be seen on the breakwater at Gungpyeonghang Port or on Gukhwado Island as well as on the rocks lining the seashore. It means there are plenty of fish to catch. Why not try your hand at sea fishing. Will it be possible to catch a big fish and make your sweetheart love you even more? There are many fishing equipment rental shops.


Left:  a bunch of deep-fried swimming crab/ Middle: a man giving snacks to the gulls. / right: a couple fishing on an uneven rock on the seashore.