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Sangnoksu-gil in Ansan: A Road Oozing with Freshness All Year Round

There are several “central parks” in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do. For example, Seokho Park is located next to Café Crevasse, Ansan’s first rooftop café; Idong Park is in front of InsidetheVillage, a kind of neighborhood gathering place, a type of establishment giving relaxed atmosphere; Nojeokbong Artificial Waterfall Park is located next to Danwon Art Museum. The parks are comparable to New York’s Central Park and Gyeonguisun Forest Trail (“Yeontral Park”) in the Yeonnam-dong area of Seoul. Like the neighborhood it was named after, Sangnoksu-gil road is surrounded in all directions by greenery; your mind becomes at peace just by walking in the neighborhood. In whatever spot in Sangnosu-gil you place a picnic mat to lie down, that spot transforms into a “central park.” On an autumn day with clear blue sky, warm sunshine, and cool breezes, there’s nothing more you could wish for if you’re in “central park,” except perhaps a book and some music to accompany you. The icing on the cake would be some beer and chicken. So just prepare only your mind for the arrival of autumn.


Travel Schedule


Sangnoksu-gil → 420m, 7 min on foot → Café Crevasse → 2km, 10 min by car → InsidetheVillage → 4.8km, 12 min by car → Danwon Art Museum

1. Sangnoksu-gil -- thank you for always being there



Sangnoksu-gil does not refer to a specific street in Ansan. It’s a newly coined word that collectively refers to the neighborhood parks of Seokho Park, Idong Park, and Nojeokbong Artificial Waterfall Park in Sangnoksu District of Ansan. The neighborhood parks and surrounding travel destinations enrich your trip like rap music with perfectly matching rhymes.

When planning a trip to Sangnoksu-gil, you must first narrow your focus. In other words, before you start, you must decide whether to follow the recommended viewing course, go only to the places you want to see, or just choose one park to go to. Otherwise, it is easy to lose your way and wander around. Think about what kind of trip you want to make and plan your destinations accordingly, and you will experience the joys of customizing your own trip. You don’t have to worry about buying tools or equipment like a picnic mat as the park bench is there 24 hours for you.

Peace, relaxation, and green are the words representing Sangnoksu-gil. It is in the city, but minus the hustle and bustle of a crowded urban area. Seokho Park and Cafe Crevasse are great destinations for “relaxation.” After spending the noon in the park, visit Crevasse Rooftop at sunset, and you can have a relaxing time, free from all your worldly worries. The word “peace” associates well with Idong Park and InsidetheVillage. These destinations are especially recommended if you want to enjoy some walking. The wide street in front of Idong Park is closed to motorized vehicles, so it is perfect for savoring the joy of walking. After your stroll, you can go to InsidetheVillage to read a book, purchase flowers, or buy yourself a cup of coffee. Intoxicated by the mood of the place, you might find yourself getting hooked on the quiet hours. Sooner or later, your mind will reach a state of peace. Green is the pleasure you will find when you visit Nojeokbong Artificial Waterfall Park and Danwon Art Museum. With the mountain behind it, the art museum is the perfect venue for enjoying nature and exhibitions together. The park next to the museum radiates the full pristine freshness of nature. What about going to Sangnoksu-gil in Ansan when you miss those leisurely moments in life, when you want to calm your nerves, or when you want to experience nature in its full vitality?

The district name Sangnok-gu comes from the title of Sim Hun's feature novel, Sangnoksu(Evergreen tree). The novel is set in a village next to a stream in Bonoh-dong, in Sangnok-gu District of Ansan. Sangnoksu Station of Subway Line 4 is also in Ansan. The memorial and grave of Choi Yong-shin, an independence movement activist and the hero of the novel, are also not far from Sangnoksu Station, so don’t forget to include them in your itinerary.



Seoko Park

Address: 1, Seokhogongwon-ro, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do

Tel.: +82-1666-1234

Admission: Free

Website: None


Idong Park

Address: 711, I-dong, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do

Tel.: +82-1666-1234

Admission: Free

Website: None


Nojeokbong Artificial Waterfall Park

Address: San 39-1, Seongpo-dong, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do

Tel.: +82-31-481-3179

Admission: Free

Website: None




2. Is this the same Ansan? Crevasse, a Place that Feels Like a Resort in Southeast Asia



The power of space is immense. The rooftop of Café Crevasse is an example of such power. If you climb up to the 5th floor rooftop, you might mistake it for a scene in a Southeast Asian resort. On one side are a cabana and some bean bags in the center, and the rest of the space is filled with tables and chairs. Tropical plants with large leaves have been placed here and there to add to the tropical resort ambience. If you sit in the cabana with the white curtains fluttering in the wind, you will start imagining that there’s a blue sea in front of you. Plop down yourself into the red bean bag on the grass lawn, and it will be so comfortable that you will be relaxed and spend time aimlessly without a care in the world. Everyone vies to sit on the bean bag, so you need to be on your toes if you want to get a chance to sit on the bag.


The best time to visit the Crevasse is around 4pm to 5pm. In the afternoon, the sky is close enough that you can almost imagine touching the clouds, and the view at dusk is simply beautiful to watch. A little light bulb that turns on when it gets dark is the element that creates a romantic mood in the Crevasse rooftop, which even lets you bring your pet.

Crevasse also has an indoor area. The 2nd floor interior was designed to give it an industrial look. The widely separated tables provide a very different ambience from the rooftop. Even the washroom here will not screw up your feeling because of its cleanliness and unique interior design decorated with various props. Café Crevasse was named as such because the owners envisioned a cafe like an iceberg crevasse -- a place that was so mesmerizing that customers could not escape once entrapped. Your eyes become glued to each floor because they are so interesting in their own unique way.

Next, if you walk in the direction of Sangnok-gu District Office after coming out of Café Crevasse and turning left, you will soon arrive at Seokho Park, the starting point of Ansan’s “central park.” Seokho Park and Café Crevasse are best visited together. If you stop by the park before visiting Café Crevasse, you will be able to enjoy your trip course without wasting time.


Address: 16, Hanyangdaehak-ro, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do

Tel.: +82-31-402-5798

Opening hours: 10:00~24:00, Open all year round

Menu: Americano KRW 4,000, Einspanner KRW 5,500, Other beverages KRW 4,000~6,000

Website: None

3. InsidetheVillage: A Place that Curates Daily Life with its own values



In front of Idong Park, which is another “central park,” in Sangnoksu-gil in Ansan, you will find InsidetheVillage. At a time when we are surrounded by abundance in our daily lives, this place tries to pass on small values through books and flowers. InsidetheVillage is run by Choi Hyung-Jin, the bookstore owner, and his wife Suh Jeong-min, who owns a flower shop. Besides flowers and books, the husband and wife team also displays on racks items that provide some value in daily living. The items are not limited to physical objects. The couple’s sensitive caring when customers ask for a napkin, they are given a handkerchief instead, or they use straw made from corn starch rather than plastic straw is one of them. Their attitude toward living like this makes you think back to the rat race we call life. Perhaps for this reason, time seems to flow much slower when you are at InsidetheVillage.

The large table and cushiony sofa on the 1st floor are ideal for reading and drinking coffee or wine. InsidetheVillage is not a café, but you can spend your time there as if it were one. On the 2nd floor, you will find a collection of secondhand products and donated goods, all waiting for a new lease on life. From dishes to toys, bags, and clothes, they are as diverse as some of the human stories lurking behind them. The 2nd floor can sometimes be turned into a movie theater; some days, the floor is made into a stage for a musical performance. InsidetheVillage promotes its ideal vision of a lifestyle through a “InsidetheVillage-stylel” characterized by sharing with others.

The owners started the business to provide “books that let you eavesdrop on others’ lives and with a desire to see people get into the habit of buying a bouquet of flowers (as cheap as a packet of s) on their way home and putting it in a vase.” We hope such charitable philosophies will continue protecting our neighborhoods for a long time.


Address: 35, Idonggongwon-ro, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do

Tel.: +82-10-4759-7733

Opening hours: 13:00~22:00, Closed on Thursdays

Menu: Toast KRW3,000 , Coffee KRW 3,800, Glass of wine KRW 7,000

Website None

4. Danwon Art Museum: A Place Where Past and Present Coexist



Danwon Art Museum must be visited along with Nojeokbong Artificial Waterfall Park in the vicinity. The name itself is not alluring, but we suggest that you just go there. The reason will become apparent when you arrive at the museum. At Danwon Art Museum, you will be able to appreciate the artistic spirit of Joseon Dynasty era painter Danwon Kim Hong-do. Then, when you arrive at Nojeokbong Artificial Waterfall Park, you will experience the strange sensation of overlapping time. This trip is called “Time Travel Course.” The waterfall is man-made, and the pavilion is just an imitation, but you can feel as if the actual backdrop of Danwon’s painting was recreated in front of you. You will soon realize that building the art museum so close to the waterfall park was a stroke of genius.

The fates of Danwon Kim Hong-do and Ansan are deeply intertwined. Danwon lived in Ansan until his early 20s, learning to paint and write from Kang Se-Hwang. This little historical fact was the rationale behind the decision by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 1991 to designate Ansan as the City of Danwon. As a gallery established to commemorate the works of Danwon, Danwon Art Museum has consistently exhibited works of art encompassing tradition as well as modernity. The art museum is adept at holding exhibits of contemporary works in the same vein as that of Kim Hong-do. The museum also exhibits works by local artists. The best way to tour the gallery is to go through Hall 1 and Hall 2 and then pass through Sangsang Madang before ending the tour in Hall 3. After viewing the indoor exhibitions, if you extend your tour by walking along the mountain trail, you will be able to see some sculptures placed in different areas. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a photograph in front of the gray rectangular walls of the art museum – doing so will increase the “Likes” of your SNS.


Address: 422, Chungjang-ro, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do

Tel.: +82-31-481-0505

Opening hours: 10:00~18:00, Closed on Mondays, January 1, Lunar New Year, Chuseok

Admission: Free (may change depending on the type of exhibition, however)


When traveling from downtown Ansan

Use a combination of bus and taxi. This can save time and unnecessary arguments with your traveling companions. Each of the sites introduced in the Sangnok-su-gil sightseeing courses is about 30 minutes away on foot. This distance is manageable for people who like to walk. Comfortable shoes are strongly recommended, however.


Public Transportation Information

[Subway] Get off at Exit 2 of Hanyang Univ. Sat Ansan Station on Subway Line 4. Catch bus No. 4-1 departing from the bus station in front of the subway exit, and then get off at Seoko Park. This is about a 10-minute ride. You can also walk from Hanyang Univ. at Ansan Station to Seoko Park, which will take about 15 minutes.


Driving Information

Gyeongbu Highway → Yangjaedae-ro → Seonam IC → Bongdam Gwancheon City Highway → Uiwang Toll Gate → Seosuwon IC → Suin-ro → Yongshin-ro → Choongjang-ro →Hanyang Univ. at Ansan Station