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Arts & Cultur A New Style of Travel, Staycation in Gunpo and Euiwang


A joyful and leisurely outing to the museum and lake in Gunpo and Euiwang





It is a good season to spend some quiet time on a colorful mat spread on a wide lawn. If you are planning an outing with interesting play instead of spending a leisurely time, turn your eyes to Gunpo and Euiwang. There are many travel sites to enjoy a decent picnic and take impressive photos. The underground museum and old fresco village look like a well-built movie set, and the autumn leaves are better than the props in filming studios. The sunset at the lake looks like the revelation of heaven for us to hurry up to enjoy the autumn fully. Just bring a thermos bottle with warm tea and a light knee blanket and go on an outing to enjoy a day with the gift of autumn.



Tour Course

Yongho Underground Museum YUM → 8.24, 16 minutes by car → Napdeokgol Fresco Village → 8.36, 19 minutes by car → Estacion → 2.72, 8 minutes by car → Euiwang Sky Rail → 450m, 8 minutes on foot → Euiwang Rail Park




1. Art encountered in the path of daily life - Yongho Underground Museum (YUM)


The grim underground passage has been transformed into a fresh, refined art center with the opening of Yongho Underground Museum (YUM). Its former name was Yongho Underground Passage, which was constructed in 1998 to connect the upper and lower villages. The underground passage was transformed into a museum in April 2016 by the urban culture restoration program. The underground passage was dark and grim, causing continuous anxiety among the residents. In October 2016, the museum opened in the name of “Urban Culture Restoration Program – Yongho Cave is Alive,” exhibiting pictures of dragons and tigers and products made with the imagination of a cave. YUM stands for Yongho Underground Museum.


Yongho Underground Museum (YUM) is an open space for citizens. While maintaining the function of the underground passage, the role of the museum exhibiting artworks has been added. Since its opening, YUM has been operated actively with regular year-round exhibitions and special exhibitions displaying new products. Even the messy electrical wires in the underground passage have been transformed into artworks, too. Lightings of low illumination provided an atmosphere for concentrating on the artworks from the grim atmosphere. The photos taken under the dim lighting look stylish.


A small stage has been set up at the center of the museum for performances led and prepared by citizens. You may see art inadvertently while crossing the road. If you are driving, you can park your car at the parking lot of Gunpo Lifelong Learning Center or the nearby public parking lot.




Address: 897-1 Dang-dong, Gunpo, Gyeonggi-do
Tel.:+82-31-390-3050 (Lifelong Learning Center of Gunpo City)

Operating hours: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Admission: Free






2. Napdeokgol Fresco Village with pictures drawn in a plain village


The place with the warm words autumn mountain, rural village, and friendly pictures is located at the bottom of Mt. Surisan in Gunpo. Located in the administrative district of Sokdal-dong, the place was called by several names including Napjakgol, Napdakgol, and Napdeokgol. The origin of the names is not certain, but at the entrance of the village is a large signpost that reads “Napdeokgol, a good village to live in.”  

The small village came into the world with fresco. In 2008, a painter who also ran a small store began to draw paintings on the walls in the village. The friendly paintings depicted a cow drawing a cart and a woman with a baby on her back following the cow, some flowerpots with cactus and morning glory put side by side, etc., which went well with the simple and plain appearance of the village. The multi-colored walls changed the atmosphere of the village, and people began to visit the calm village. People dropped by the village on their way to and from Mt. Surisan. As a result, several new restaurants opened in the area. After the place was introduced on TV and in newspapers, more people visited the village. The atmosphere of the village has been changed completely by the effort of one painter.

No more picture was painted on the wall for a long time, and the existing pictures lost their color over time. The once famous fresco village became blurred in the memory of people. Instead, there are new pleasant must-sees in the life of the village. The flowers grown by the owner of a house without a special purpose blossom with the fresco in the background. The rural household items put unintentionally outside the house keep their place together with the fresco. The scene is a rural setting and an old landscape that cannot be easily seen in cities. A piece of painting is being completed with the life of the residents.  


Address: 293, Sokdal-ro, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do

Tel.:+82-31-390-8550 (Daeya-dong Community Service Center)

Operating hours: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Admission: Free




3. Estacion where you can enjoy brunch and barbecue in a European-style house 




After you see a landscape of Korean emotion at Napdeokgol Fresco Village, you will see a refined building on the side of Wangsong Lake in Euiwang, which is reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea. It is Estacion, a café and restaurant serving brunch and barbecue. Estacion is a Spanish word meaning season” or “station.” The place opened in the fall of 2016. The spacious garden and the unique shape of the building catch your eye. It looks like an outdoor studio for the shooting of wedding photos.


The outer appearance of the building is not colorful. The piled brown bricks give a solid feeling, and bricks of different colors are used between the three doors in the front to express a tall tree as well as flowers. It looks simple but refined. The interior is showy and colorful compared to the monotonous exterior. The large chandelier on the ceiling makes the interior atmosphere antique and classy. The floor, walls, and stairways finished with solid wood create a warm feeling. The classical and modern paintings placed in harmony will make you feel as if you were invited to a castle in Europe. The building was originally built as a country house, so the structure of the interior is like that of an ordinary house.


Another attraction of Estacion is the taste of the dishes served to customers. The main menu is brunch and barbecue. The brunch is sumptuous, with soup and beverage filling the entire plate. The food plating is nice, and the taste of the dishes exceeded my expectations. The ingredients of the dishes such as bacon, sausage, and pepperoni are made by hand. Vegetables like basil and tomato are also grown directly by the house. So it can offer a generous service to customers. No empty space can be found on the plate. Brunch can be ordered until 4 pm.


You can enjoy barbecue at the outdoor table in the garden. The basic table setting is the same as vegetables and side dishes, and you can choose the menu for grill such as meat, sausage, etc. All the meat is procured directly from the place of origin by the order of Estacion. The barbecue cannot be eaten inside the house. You can enjoy barbecue foods under the parasol or in the Mongolian tent set up in the garden. You will enjoy elegant brunch or barbecue time in the autumn breeze like the tea time of the noble people in Europe.  



Address: 201, Chopyeong-ro, Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do


Operating hours: 11:00~21:00, Closed on Mondays

Menu: Handmade sausage brunch KRW 14,900, Amatriciana KRW 15,900, Wagyu Top Blade Steak KRW 38,000, Barbecue setting fee KRW 3,000/person, Grill & Coal KRW 10,000, Wagyu Beef KRW 20,000, Korean Pork Belly KRW 13,000

Website: https://estacion.modoo.at




4. Scenery of the lake as seen from the sky - Euiwang Sky Rail



Euiwang Sky Rail is the official name of the Zipline operated by Euiwang Urban Corporation. The course involves flying 350m from the 41m-high tower and arriving at the ticket office of Euiwang Rail Park. You will cross the park for 30 seconds at maximum speed of 80
per hour. 

The procedure for flying in the sky is simple. Fill out the Safety Pledge Form and buy a ticket at the ticket office. Wearing a wristlet with the number of your turn written on it, take the elevator to go up the tower. Then your heart will begin to pulsate. Your number will be announced, and you will wear the harness -- which functions as the safety belt -- and the helmet with the help of the safety personnel. Then your heart will be beating uncontrollably as you will have to throw your body into the air while hanging on the wire. The safety personnel will ask you if you are okay. You will answer “Yes”; at almost the same time, your body will fall into the air with a rattling feeling. In a few seconds, your fear and tension will disappear, and you will feel very exhilarated looking at the sky, earth, and lake while now hanging comfortably on the wire. The 30 seconds will pass by very fast, and you will think that the riding time is too short.  

There are several conditions to be admitted for riding the Sky Rail. The body weight should be 30~100. There is a scale at the ticket office for the measurement of the weight of each person. The age should be at least 8 years. Another condition for riding is sound body and mind. There are dressing limitations. Please remember that skirt, slippers, and sandals are not allowed.  


Address: 307, Wangsongmotdong-ro, Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do


Operating hours: Nov.~Feb.: 10:00~17:00, Mar.~Oct.: 09:00~18:00, Closed every first Monday of the month

Admission: KRW 15,000

Website: http://uiwangpark.uuc.or.kr






5. Easy riding along the lake trail - Euiwang Rail Park  




One of the ways of touring Wangsong Lake is riding the rail bike on the rail and enjoying the atmosphere of the lake. Euiwang Rail Park operates Korea’s first circulatory rail bike around the lake and lake train. The length of the bank of Wansong Lake is 640m, and the rail was installed along the boundary of the lake.

The ticket office and the riding deck are located at the rear gate of Euiwang Nature Learning Park beside the lake. The first section you see on the rail bike is the flower tunnel, which is a short section made with the representative flowers of each season. After the Flower Tunnel, you will pass the Pop-up Museum with the vivid sound of birds and water, and then get to the Lucky Zone stop. You can take a break at the stop and use convenience facilities near the stop. Starting again from the stop, you will pass the photo zone where pictures are taken with the lake as backdrop. The photos are taken automatically, and you can buy the photos after arriving at the riding deck. You will come back to the riding deck after passing the speed zone, which looks like a motor racing track, and the Mist Zone.

You will not feel bored with the various event facilities positioned in the middle of the course. If you are not inclined to ride the rail bike, which requires moving your legs ceaselessly, you may ride the lake train where you can appreciate the landscape without moving your legs. The course of the red lake train, which looks like the one in a fairy tale, is the same as the rail bike.

Be sure to wear the safety belt and check the normal operation of the brake once you get on the rail bike. Likewise, remember that you have to maintain more than 10m distance from the bike ahead of you. The operating hours of the rail bike and the lake train are different. The number of operation and charges differ depending on whether it’s a weekend or a weekday and according to the number of people riding the vehicle.  


Address 209 Wangsongmotdong-ro, Euiwang, Gyeonggi-do

Tel.: +82-1544-1555 (Interpark) for reservations, 1670-3110 for other inquiries

Operating hours: Rail Bike (weekdays) 10:30, 12:00, 13:30, 15:00, 16:30, 17:30 (weekends) 10:00, 11:00, 12:30, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30, 16:30, 17:30, 18:30, all year round / Lake Train (weekdays) 10:10, 11:00, 11:40, 12:30, 13:10 (summer weekdays), 14:00, 14:40, 15:30, 16:10, 17:10 (weekends) 10:50, 13:10, 15:10, 17:10, 19:10 (summer peak season), Closed every first Monday of the month

Rail Bike (weekdays) KRW 28,000 (2-seater), KRW 36,000(4-seater) (weekends) KRW 30,000 (2-seater), KRW 40,000 (4-seater) / Lake Train (weekdays) Adult KRW 9000 won, Over 65 and preschooler KRW 5,000 (weekends) Adult KRW 10,000, Over 65 and preschooler KRW 7,000  



Website http://www.uwrailpark.co.kr


1. Beside the ticket office of Euiwang Rail Park is Euiwang Birds Ecology and Science Center. Railroad Museum is about 500m away in the direction of Euiwang Station. Euiwang Birds Ecology and Science Center shows the history, four seasons, and ecosystem of Wangsong Lake. At the center are a book café and Wangsong Observatory. The Railroad Museum is operated by Korail with model trains, locomotives, PR room, etc.

2. The Lucky Zone, which is a middle stop of the rail bike, is an open space that can also be used by those who do not ride the rail bike. The place around the stop is a wide lawn ground equipped with convenience facilities including toilets. In the shopping mall in front of the lawn ground are cafés and restaurants with terrace.  


Public Transportation Information

[Subway] Exit #3 of Dangjeong Station of Subway Line No. 1 (bound for Sinchang and Cheonan). Walk straight for about 200m and make a left turn at Gunpo Seniors Welfare Center. Go straight for about 450m and make a left turn at the intersection of Gunpo Elementary School. Walk for about 250m to Yongho Underground Museum (YUM).  



Driving Information

Bongdam Gwacheon “Gunpo·Hanse University” Urban Expressway → To Anyang and Euiwang at Euiwang IC → Seoul-Suwon Industrial Road → Left turn at Ojeon-dong intersection → Gosan-ro → Enter the Dangjeong underground passage → Left turn at the Lifelong Learning Center intersection → Gunpo Lifelong Learning Center (parking) → Walk for 250m → Yongho Underground Museum (YUM)