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Arts & Cultur Gyeonggi-do Mural Village Travel course, Icheon



“Stop worrying, just enjoy this beautiful autumn.” Gyeongsi-ri Mural Village, Icheon

A gentle stroll around Gyeongsa-ri Mural Village is a great way to relax and soothe your troubled mind. Let the low walls and the alley full of lovely pictures and stories welcome you. Scenery reminiscent of a childhood sketchbook will surely bring a smile to every visitor’s face. In the Goblin cafe where sky and trees can be admired through its large windows, a cup of hand-dripped coffee will fill your heart with warmth. After visiting the exotic village, you could head for (Ye)’s Park, which is full of beautiful pottery, and then Seolbong Lake, where generous nature will pat you on the shoulder and say: “Don’t worry, just enjoy this breathtakingly beautiful autumn scenery.”

Travel Schedule

Gyeongsa-ri Mural Village → 7.72 , 18 minutes by car → Goblin → 1.90 , five minutes by car → Ye's Park → 6.35 , 17 minutes by car → Lake Seolbongho

1. Delightful murals perfect for autumn in Gyeongsa-ri Mural Village


As you make your way to the murals, it is not the paintings that welcome guests first but the large, 380-year-old zelkova tree standing stately at the entrance to the village. The path to Gyeongsa-ri Mural Village starts in front of the Gyeongsa 1-ri Community Center in Baeksa-myeon, Icheon-si.

This quiet rural village has retained its old and simple appearance. From the entrance of the village, a wall with colorful paintings comes into view. As it’s an ancient village, the shabby old houses may catch one’s eyes first, but the series of wall paintings covering the walls is more colorful and distinctive than any murals. It is an extremely photogenic spot to take a selfie with a friend or a lover, and for your social media stories. It’s also a pleasure even just to look at the happy faces of people taking photographs while you wait in the photo zone queue.

The murals were painted by students of the Chungkang College of Cultural Industries with the residents of the village. The paintings depict the four seasons in the town, traditional plays and natural scenery, as well as folk themes. The paintings are rather clumsy and rough, but they attract visitors’ attention nonetheless as they convey the labor and emotion of the villagers.

Gyeongsa-ri is more popular in spring than autumn as cornelian cherries come into full bloom on every fence in spring. The Icheon Baeksa Cornelian Cherry Flower Festival is held every April at Gyeongsa-ri, Dorip-ri and Songmal-ri in Baeksa-myeon. If you see the many thousands of ancient cornelian cherry trees, aged from 100 to 500 years old, blooming around the village you’ll soon understand why it’s said that the best cornelian cherry flower road in the Seoul and Gyeonggi region is right here.



: 22, Wonjeok-ro 661beon-gil Baeksa-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Opening hours: 10:00 - 18:00 (Please avoid early and late hours for village residents)




2. Goblin, where autumn leaves fall into your coffee cup!




Icheon used to be famous for its high-quality rice, but nowadays it’s better known for its sophisticated cafes, of which Goblin is popular for its fragrant hand-dripped coffee and delicious homemade bread. Although it has been less than a year since it opened, Goblin is popular for its interior design which makes customers fully feel the surrounding nature within the building, while its windows give them the impression as if they’re sitting on a terrace. The view of the sunset through the window is so beautiful that even the owner is infatuated with. So if you drop in to Goblin in the evening, why not enjoy the splendid view of the sunset.

Goblin takes particular pride in its coffee. Its signature Americano is prepared with Kenyan coffee beans, and customers can choose between a mild roast and something more intense or bitter. The owners are siblings: the brother makes the coffee, while the sister bakes the bread using only organic flour and the finest French gourmet butter or New Zealand’s Anchor butter. Special care is paid to every ingredient from kneading to fermentation to make sure the bread melts in the mouth.

Baristas and customers can easily communicate in the separate space while tasting hand-dripped coffee. The overall atmosphere is pleasant, and the seats are so big and comfortable that even the mind is relaxed. The seats on the open-air terrace are always occupied in spring and autumn. Situated just five minutes’ walk from Doyeochon Salbalgeori, it’s the perfect place to go for coffee and dessert after a meal.



: 901, Seoicheon-ro Sindun-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do



: +82-70-8874-1234


Opening hours

: 10:00~22:00 (Closed on Seollal and Chuseok)

Price: Americano KWR 4,800, Hand-dripped coffee KWR 6,000, Pound cake set (two pieces) KRW 4,500

Website: none









3. Fall in love with the ceramics art village of Ye’s Park




The name Ye’s Park is derived from the Chinese character (“ye”), which means “arts”. The park exudes an artistic atmosphere as it is filled with workshops and artists’ residences. Potters and general artists who work alone in their studio have had their first gallery openings at Ye’s Park. The “2018 Icheon Ceramics and Flower Festival” was held throughout April and May at Ye's Park.

In Ye's Park, there are Sabujak Road, Gama Village, Hoirang Village and Star Village, each of which holds its own special local festival and market. At Sabujak Market, which is held on the last Saturday of each month, the theme changes regularly—for instance, this September it was “Mollamollajang”, the concept of the market, “I don’t know what I will sell and no one knows what you will buy”. This quaint and exciting marketplace sold all sorts of interesting items with the traditional market motif, “works of artist” and “household items” including ceramics, a diffuser, flowers, furniture, a doll bought on an impulse in a foreign country, wrong-sized pants, pumpkins raised in a garden, and so on. In October there was a village festival on the theme of “An autumn walk along streets of art”.

The construction of Ye’s Park, the biggest craft art village in Korea, is under way. By the end of this year, the new buildings will almost have been completed and the whole place will be more settled. There are 300 workshops in Ye's Park, including pottery workshops, woodwork workshops, leather workshops and photo and sculpture galleries. A café street is also being built along the tree-lined boulevard of Ye’s Park. Even after the galleries close, however, people will still be able to have a pleasant time strolling along the boulevard.



: 110, Dojayesul-ro 5beon-gil Sindun-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do



: +82-31-638-1994


Opening hours

: 10:00 - 18:00 (hours vary in each gallery)



: Free



: none

4. Take a stroll along with art and nature in Seolbongho Lake



There’s a great place in Icheon from which to admire the beautiful autumn leaves, namely Seolbongho Lake, one of the nine scenic views of Icheon. The blue sky above the lake and the brightly-colored autumn leaves create a spectacular sight. Located in Seolbong Park, the lake is surrounded by sculptures by world-renowned artists, and boasts a giant fountain that blasts an 80-meter-high jet of cool water that sometimes forms a beautiful rainbow.

The forest road connecting the lush mountains and Seolbong Lake is the ideal course for friends, lovers and families to take a stroll together. Also, visitors may come across phrases while strolling by the gentle waves of Seolbong Lake, such as “Cheer up!” “Good luck!” “The weather is fine and so are you!” “What a great day! “Brilliant!” “With a good person” “You’re good!” “Way to go!” “I love you!” “Let's stay together forever!” and so on. It would be nice to say some of these phrases to your family, friends and loved ones. You could even take a shot of your favorite phrase and upload it to social media to share it with others.

Seolbong Park offers visitors lots of things to see and enjoy including the Icheon Museum, Icheon Serapia, Literary Dongsan and Seolbong International Sculpture Park. Visitors can also stop by Seolbongsan Mountain, Yeongworam Hermitage (Historic Folk Site No. 14 of Icheon), the site of Seolbongseowon Confucian Academy, and the Yeongmu Korean Archery Center.


: 256-2, Gwango-dong, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do


: +82-31-644-2645

Opening hours

: 24/7


: Free





1. Gyeongsa-ri Mural Village cannot be found on GPS. Search “Gyeongsa 1-ri Noinjeong” or “Doosan Bears Park” instead and look for the sign at the entrance to the village.

2. It takes two minutes by car or five minutes by foot to reach Goblin from Ssalbapgeori (Rice road) in the Ceramics Village. Visitors are recommended to try a meal with Icheon’s renowned rice, followed by a cup of tea at Goblin. You’ll find Ye’s Park nearby.


Public Transportation Information

[Subway] Leave Icheon Station (Gyeonggang Line) via Exit 2. Take bus no. 21-3 from Icheon Station bus station and get off at the Gyeongsa 1-ri stop. Walk about 130 m to the Gyeongsa 1-ri Community Center.


Driving Information

Jungbu Expressway → Gonjiam IC → Gonjiam Intersection → Yeolmi intersection → Doam 2 Intersection → Turn left towards Gyeongsa-ri, Wonjeok-ro 661beon-gil → Gyeongsa-ri Mural Village