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Pyeongtaek Sosabeol Alley Trip: Expect a Completely New Pyeongtaek


If you are one of those who still imagine the broad expanse of wild fields, Anseongcheon River, Pyeongtaekhang Port, and Pyeongtaek Central International Market when you think of Pyeongtaek, we recommend taking a trip to Sosabeol Cafe Street in Pyeongtaek. This street is the most vibrant part of town; The time will fly just by looking at various cafes of each different style. You will experience a totally different Pyeongtaek from your imagination. Baedari Eco Park with its serene reservoir evoking something emotional, a bakery café owned by a baker who has been making bread for the past 40 years, Gonggan’s Gonggam, a board game café where you can enjoy a glass of beer.


Travel Schedule

Sosabeol Café Street → 601m, 9 min on foot → Baedari Eco Park & Reservoir → 1.69km, 4 min by car → Bread and You → 3.73km, 12 min by car → Gonggan’s Gonggam

1. Sosabeol Café Street -- You Want to Come Here Tomorrow and the Day After Tomorrow



In a small alley in the Sosabeol residential-commercial complex located next to Pyeongtaek Ewha Elementary School, cafés and clothing shops have appeared, creating a café street in that process. This neighborhood is called Sosabeol Cafe Street. If you are a trend follower, worrying about what you should do once you get to Sosabeol Cafe Street is completely unnecessary. You will rave about its stylish spaces and cafes and such a wonderful plating of the restaurants there. They will bring out the urge to take pictures. If you have a “What’s so special about a residential neighborhood that has cafes and clothing shops?” attitude, however, then you are really better off going somewhere else.

The wonderful thing about Sosabeol Café Street is that the stores look similar, but they each have a slightly different hipness in them. Even if you come here with your mind made up as to which café to visit, you might find a different café to enter. If you enjoy café tours, Sosabeol Cafe Street will be very satisfying because you can visit many different cafes while minimizing your travel time. Using the slang of today, there are plenty of cafes where you are guaranteed a “gaemseong shot” that means a kind of photos for Instagram. As you know, you can get a shot of a lifetime with pressing the shutter hundreds of times therefore, you should go with a friend understanding the efforts and loving pictures (:

The cafe is one of the places where you can instantly recharge yourself with a dose of contentment. Cafes have high economic utilities since your spirits will be uplifted simply because the coffee is so delicious. An atmosphere that could be right up your alley as well as pretty photographs and sweet desserts that melt in your mouth are small gifts of happiness.

In Sosabeol Café Street, some cafés will have superb lattes; in other cafes, the brunch will be very good. Wander around Sosabeol Café Street at your leisurely pace and look for a café perfectly suits your taste!

Address: Pyeongnam-ro Area, Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do

Tel.: +82-31-8024-3232 (Culture & Tourism Department, Pyeongtaek City Hall)

Admission: None

Website: None

2. Baedari Eco Park & Reservoir: A Tranquil Lake that
Embraces the Changes of Each Season



If, after looking around Sosabeol Cafe Street, you want to feel closer to nature, then Baedari Eco Park and its reservoir are perfect for you. Before the creation of the reservoir, people traversed the lake in traditional boats; this is why the park was named Baedari, Bae means the boats and Dari means a bridge.  

Walking through nature makes you see only the good things and think beautiful thoughts. Even the person walking next to you seems like a good person. This happens because the soft wind through your fingers and the smell of grass put your mind at ease. The stroll along the deck trail by the edges of the reservoir relaxes your mind, and you will be able to feel the full autumn mood with your entire body. In the words of a resident of Pyeongtaek who claimed, “Sitting on the swing in front of the reservoir and feeling the breeze in your face make realize, you would never want to trade the park with Han River," there’s no better place for dating than Baedari Ecological Park.

One of the best ways to travel around Baedari Ecology Park is to walk around aimlessly, sitting on the bench when you want to take a break, and spending time the way your mind desires without any advance planning. Do this in earnest, like a person who doesn’t know when such moment will come again.


Address: 800, Jukbaek-dong, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do

Tel.: +82-31-8024-3232 (Culture & Tourism Department, Pyeongtaek City Hall)

Admission: None

Website: None

3. Bbang Bbang! Let’s Make a Pilgrimage to Bread and You Bakery



There is a bakery in Pyeongtaek that will surely excite all bread lovers. In 2017, In Jae-hong, a baker who was certified as the nation’s Master Baker No. 12, opened a bakery café named Bread and You. Master Baker In Jae-hong entered the baking profession in 1978, devoting 40 years of his life to baking bread since then. Bread and You looks grand, starting from its exterior. Upon entering the first floor where freshly baked bread comes out every minute, you will be surprised at the huge range of different breads on sale. When I visited, the smell of freshly baked bread rushed into my nostrils; without realizing it, a smile of contentment was on my face, stretched ear to ear. From breads for meals to rolls and s and cakes in the showcase, it will take a while to check out all the different types of breads sold here.

Next, it’s time to calm your mind and taste the bread. You don’t have to go far -- you can use the café that extends all the way to the 3rd floor. The name of the café is Chunhee. It was named after the wife of Master Baker In Jae-hong. The baker’s philosophy -- Bread and You is my happiness” -- can be found everywhere in the cafe. The breads sold here reflect the business principle of the owner that only breads with good ingredients would be made here.

There is nothing immediately special about the taste of the breads, which contain minimum sweetness and salt and which are aged for a long time at low temperature. Note, however, that the breads are very digestible and are easy on the stomach. This is because the baker stuck to his principle of making fresh bread without resorting to the use of butter or sugar to excite your taste buds. Try the ciabatta, rye bread, and baguette, and you will be able to appreciate the bread-making know-how of the master baker.



Address: 1720-4, Manse-ro, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do

Tel.: +82-31-651-4317

Opening hours: 08:00~22:00, Open all year round

Menu: Americano KRW 4,800, Drinks KRW 4,800~7,000, Bread KRW 5,000~6,000  

Website: None

4. Gonggan’s Gonggam: A Place Where You Can Play Analog Games



Along with Sosabeol Alley, when introducing the new Pyeongtaek, Youth Forest in Tongbok Market must be included. Tongbok Market is the most popular traditional market in Pyeongtaek. Youth Forest began when young merchants started to open businesses in the silk goods alley of the market where drapery merchants traded. One of those new businesses is a play pub called Gonggan’s Gonggam, where customers can play board games while drinking beer and cocktails.

You might think that, in this age of computers and mobile games, board games might sound stuffy. Once you start playing, however, you forget how time passes; board games can be just as addictive as any other type of games. It reminds you of the adage, “There are people who have never tried it, but there is no one who tried it only once.” There is an element of fun in analog games that digital games simply cannot provide -- it’s the experience of throwing the dice, moving a game piece, and touching the cards. If you visit Gonggan’s Gonggam, you will lose yourself in the wide and diverse world of board games through the traditional games available at this pub, which includes famous games like Halli Galli and Zenga.

You need not worry if this is your first time with board games. Kim Kwan-jae, the owner of the pub and a self-confessed board game aficionado himself, will explain the rules with utmost attention to detail and patience. His love affair with board games began in high school. He loved board games so much that he even developed his own games. He worked as an international chess trainer before starting Gonggan’s Gonggam. Once a month, he picks the game of the month; in addition, to introduce board games to more people, he announces a free day when customers are not required to pay the game fee. He always purchases newly released games in order to study them.

Whether you go by yourself or as a couple, there is always a game you can take part in. But when a game that’s about to start needs an extra player, the owner himself joins in. One game recommended at Gonggan’s Gonggam is Marakesh. Players throw a dice made of wood and expand their domains using rugs made from colorful young, a winceyette. The unique game props of Marakesh are interesting to look at. On the other hand, Tichu is a Chinese board game that combines mahjong and poker. People call it “time stealer” because time passes by so quickly when playing the game. The game involves intense battle of brain powers; so instead of beer, you are advised to order the Magical Potion, a cocktail that’s supposed to enhance your game-playing abilities.



Address 15-7, Tongboksijang-ro, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do

Tel.: +82-10-8532-2848

Opening hours: 12:00~22:00, Closed on Wednesday and every last Monday of the month

Menu: Beer KRW 4,000~10,000, Magical Potion KRW 5,000~7,000, Nachos with cheese and salsa sauce KRW 6,000, Game fee KRW 3,000 (1 hour per person), KRW 10,000 (all-day ticket)

Website None

1. It is inconvenient to get to Gonggan’s Gonggam by public transportation from Sosabeol Cafe Street by going around Baedari Eco Park. It is better to gather four friends to join the café tour, form one group, and then move together by taxi. Go on foot when it is possible or take a taxi. Of course, getting there with a friend who has a car is a good idea, too.


2. Sosabeol is used like a formal name; upon the completion of the residential land development project, however, this name will be discarded. As the district has many pear trees, it shall be called Ihwa District, Ihwa of which means a flower of a pear.


Public Transportation Information

[Subway] Get off at Exit 1 of Pyeongtaek Station on Subway Line 1. Catch a bus (No. 5, No. 6, or No. 999) departing from Pyeongtaek Bus Station. Get off the bus at Iigok Village 6 Complex. The bus ride takes about 20~40 min.



Driving Information

Gyeongbu Highway → Pyeongtaek Jecheon Highway → Chungyong Junction → Manse-ro → Bijeon4-ro → Sosabeol Café Street