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Gallery&Museum Seokjangri Art Museum, Yeoncheon


 Seokjangri Art Museum, Yeoncheon1
 Seokjangri Art Museum, Yeoncheon2
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    240, Baegwang-ro 225beon-gil, Seokjang-ri, Baekhak-myeon, Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do

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Located on the northernmost end of Korea, Seokjangri Art Museum has a different feel from other art museums downtown. The barbed-wire fences installed along the beautiful Imjingang River tells of the division of the Korean Peninsula. The museum has been expressing the pain of such division in the form of art since 1990. Built by artists, it exhibits artists’ sculptures of people and animals, reminding people of the pristine area of DMZ.


It is operating a caravan and a café as well as pension and holding the DMZ Art Festival every year. Since it is equipped with accommodation and convenience facilities such as caravan and café and pension, it provides an opportunity for visitors to enjoy healing in the natural forest.