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    540, Doung-ri, Docheok-myeon, Gwangju

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Konjiam Resort Spa La Spa Gwangju

Boast about its easy access and up-to-date facilities, Konjiam Resort is running one of the first spas in Korea, Spa La Spa. The Spa is quite different from conventional resorts’ spas or jjimjilbangs. Konjiam Resort is tied up with Welcom Company well known for ‘Away Spa’ and "LG Life and Health" running ‘Whoo Spa Palace.’ It has developed Californian style, destination spa. It is offering customized one-to-one service suitable for individuals after examining each customer’s health, and serving ‘Spa In Life’ for real rest to balance your body. The resort contains indoor and outdoor spa space (about 6,600m² ). Konjiam Resort is composed of Family Spa(indoor dome space and outdoor spa zone) and Wellness Spa (balancing body and mind through light, sound, water) and Whoo spa. When you arrive at the spa reception, its staff check your health, consult with you a bit, and design tailored one-to-one spa service.
Category Fee
Wellness Program 3 Hours ₩198,000
Half Day ₩198,000
One Day ₩308,000