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Natural Beauty Harmony of Nature and People in Hwadam Botanic Garden


Harmony of Nature and People in Hwadam Botanic Garden1
Harmony of Nature and People in Hwadam Botanic Garden2
Harmony of Nature and People in Hwadam Botanic Garden3
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    278-1, Docheogwit-ro Docheok-myeon, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Path with Traditional Fences: Path of Hydrangeas, Roses and Tradition
  • Over the pond with water lilies and a water wheel lies a path decorated with seasonal flowers, Korea's traditional stone walls and giwa roof-tiled walls, followed by the Rose Garden, a black bamboo forest, a 50-seat shelter and a restroom, which are arranged for a break.

    There is a lawn with special sculptures, a great photo spot, and a firefly stream too. A special reservation-based program is held here every June to observe fireflies: a great chance to see the insects, which are known to inhabit unpolluted areas only, and are hardly found in cities.

  • Passing through the Firefly Habitat is the last destination, the Nostalgic Garden, which display fun miniatures depicting rural Korea in the 1930s: witty figures performing samulnori, dancing ganggangsullae, riding traditional swings and playing neoltuigi, together with a barbershop and other shops.

    Just outside the Nostalgic Garden is a traditional restaurant serving traditional Korean rice wine, tofu and kimchi, seafood pancakes and acorn jelly (opens from 10:30 through 18:00), as well as a teahouse in a traditional Korean building and Healing Ville restaurants behind the ticket booth.