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Heritage Tomb of General Gwon Yul


Tomb of General Gwon Yul1
Tomb of General Gwon Yul2
Tomb of General Gwon Yul3
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    223, Gwonnyul-ro, Jangheung-myeon, Yangju-si

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Designated as Gyeonggi Monument No.2 in 1972, the tomb is located in Seokhyeon-ri (Jangheung-myeon, Yangju-si). Just 2km from the bus stop for Jangheung Recreation Area, the tomb can be accessed by a short walk. Manchwidang (pen name) Gwon Yul helped ward off Jurchen forces as the Magistrate of Uiju. During Imjinwaeran (Japanese Invasions of Korea, 1592-1597), he helped lead over 10,000 troops in Jeonju and prevent Japanese invaders from marching toward the west at the Doksanseong Fortress. He was the major figure in leading and uniting Joseon forces, including armed and civilian, forces against over 30,000 Japanese troops, contributing to the victory in the Great Battle of Haengju, one of three great battles during the war. He was posthumously named to the Yeonguijeong (Prime Minister) post and Yeonggabuwongun in 1599 (32nd year of King Seonjo's reign). In front of the tomb is a monument, a square stone, a stone to put incense on, and a sculpture describing a child. The tomb is also flanked by stone pillars and sculptures depicting scholar officials. The wives of Gwon Yul—Changnyeong Jo and Juksan Bak—are also buried together. The memorial monument at the entrance of the tomb was given by his descendants in 1861 due to the decay of old one.