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    41, Uminae-gil, Guri-si

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Goguryeo Blacksmith Town

Achasan Mountain is a small mountain that overlooks Hangang River. As early as 1,500 years ago, Goguryeo’s army set up a bastion on every summit. Goguryeo Kingdom was the first of the Three Kingdoms on the Korean Peninsula to replace bronze with steel, managing to conquer vast territories in its heyday. Goguryeo Blacksmith Town was found on the site of a makeshift smithy discovered at the 4th Bastion. The facilities bring back the majestic style of Goguryeo Kingdom, recreating the relics down to the last detail. At the center of the village is a smithy, which is the highlight of the historic site. A waterwheel of 7-meter diameter uses the water that trickles down the roof of the smithy to supply water, whereas the two-story high kiln and other facilities enable the making of steel goods. Visitors can work the bellows at the smithy. Damdeokchae is a Goguryeo-style home that heated parts of the room. Visitors will find related tools displayed within the home and can also play traditional games at the outdoor learning area such as Jegichagi (shuttlecock) and Tuho (arrow-throwing). Don’t forget to browse the prehistoric sites exhibition showcasing steel and earthenware relics from the bastion of Goguryeo at Achasan Mountain. Goguryeo Blacksmith Town offers a great history lesson and a glimpse of the culture and life of ancient Koreans.